Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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broke of one of my Ram benches.


I was upgrading my mac mini 2,3 Ghz from 2 gb ram to 8 Gb of ram but when i was doing that i broke on of those alimunium slots that keep it in place so now my mac wont see the other 4 gigs of ram can i fix it by just glueing it back to the memory bench or do i need to put in a whole new memory bench?

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Take it to an old computer bench tech. He may be able to fix it for $50. Elsewise you're looking at a $299 exchange price. Repairability is based on just how the slot was broken. Or live with one slot. You can install up to a 8 GB stick in that one slot.

RAM Type: PC3-10600 DDR3 Min. RAM Speed: 1333 MHz

Details: Supports 1333 MHz PC3-10600 DDR3 SO-DIMMs.

Standard RAM: 2 GB Maximum RAM: 16 GB*

Details: By default, 2 GB is installed as two 1 GB modules.

*Officially, this model supports 8 GB of RAM, but as first discovered by OWC, it actually is capable of supporting 16 GB of RAM using two 8 GB modules.

UPDATE 1/2015

I have now repaired two of these with broken upper RAM slots by building (with plastic tooth picks) picket fence structures and super gluing them together and to the bar on top of the RAM slot so that it press down on the RAM stick. The first one has lasted a year now and the second for 6 months.

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