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When replacing the hard drive can I upgrade the capacity and RPM?

I have a Macbook which has a kaput hard drive, I am looking to replace it, but was wondering if i could upgrade it with a larger hard drive and/or one with more RPM?

My HDD is 2.5 inch 5400RPM

I've heard Western Digital or Seagate are the companies to go for.



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Yes you can, as long as the new hard drive is a standard 2.5" SATA drive then you can upgrade the capacity and the rpm. If you want large and fast then you should get a 750GB 7200 rpm hard drive. You are right, those companies are among the top brands. A good place to look for hard drive is OWC. A link to a list of compatible 7200 RPM hard drives can be found here:

and 5400 RPM here:

and a wide variety can be found here:

Hope this Helps

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Thanks, I bought a 1TB hard drive with 5400 RPM.

My only problem is I don't have the original installation disk that came with my Macbook. Is there any way of intalling OS X without having the original cd? Purchasing/torrents etc.



You can go to an Apple Store and ask for the disks and they will give them to you for $20 or $30 last I checked. I think you can also call your nearest store and they will ship the disks to you.


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