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Won't Start/Boot Black Screen, high spinning fans

Hi, I tried to read through every answer I could find on the 20" iMac g5 isight. -A1145.

Based on what i read I have reset PRAM, SMU, and replaced the power supply. Same problem.

When the power button is pushed the light on the front (lower right corner) lights. I hear a faint spinning, (HD, Optical Drive, fans????) The screen stays black. After a minute or so, the fans spin really fast, but nothing else but black screen. It stays stuck in that mode indefinitely. (at least it seems that way)

I could not find the led's some people have mentioned.

Any thoughts? Logic board maybe?


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It is the logic board. I have the exact same model with the exact same symptoms and what causes it is the video card failing. (in some cases it is faulty capacitors) I did a reflow of the graphics card on mine and it worked for about 5 months before going back to vegetable state. The only way you can truly fix this is to get a new logic board. If you google search ho to reflow a chip then you can try that but it is not a very long lasting solution and in some circumstances can damage the board more.

Hope this Helps

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