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Shows 3,50 volts when measured

I have an iPhone 4S which went through the washing machine.

I have tried cleaning it out, but it wont start. The battery was probably shorted (green oxides around the + and - polarity connectors). I measured the battery voltage to 3,50 volts.

Can the battery still be bad? It wont start, neither with the charger connected or without.

I have ordered a new one which is eta in two weeks, but I am asking here just to get some input.

Pics (red ring, is this damage?)

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robert, it is absolutely possible. the battery itself is more than just a storage device, it is actually pretty smart. It does use a circuit board to control various functions. The oxidization is the part that would lead me to suggest a replacement. Also, clean your iPhone properly with a high grade isopropyl alcohol to avoid corrosion failure down the line. Hope this helps, good luck.

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thank you for the answer.

i bought the phone from someone, and it had been in the washing machine about ten days from then. I have no idea if they put it in a bag of rice or did anything to prevent the water damage. I disassembled it and put the logic board in isopropyl alcohol for several hours, i can see a little corrosion on it still though which won't come off, at the sim card metal pins and on the flex cable connectors. if there is any corrosion visible, will there be any chance of getting it going again?

is it possible to add photos?


Yes it is possible. Check this guide. It shows how to properly clean an iPhone. even so it is a 3G, all the points still apply to any phone. If you want to add photos, go to Edit your original Question, click on the Orange Tab on the bottom left corner of the screen "Images" and follow the prompts to get your pics. After that, just drag them into your question...


I followed that guide, and left it in IPA for several hours, still didn't work.

I did not remove the metal protecting covers though, so I disassembled it again and removed these and found some more corrosion. Now it looks like on the images above. Going to put it in IPA again today and wait for the new battery to arrive and then try again. I haven't disassembled the phone completely, the display is still in the frame. Do you think I have to remove the display to see if there is more corrosion under it?


I would do that, if nothing else, at least for completion sake.


Ok so i bought a replacement battery off ebay for 10 bucks.

When I installed it it sparked, could see a small orange spark, and it smelt burnt for a second. The phone is still dead and the new battery measures 3,65 volts..

is there anything else i can do or should i just use it for spares?


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