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PlayStation 3 (veya daha sık bilinen adıyla PS3), Sony Computer Entertainment tarafından üretilen üçüncü ev bilgisayar eğlence sistemidir ve PlayStation 2'nin akabinde devamı olarak üretilmiştir. 11 Kasım 2006'da piyasaya sürüldü.

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PS3 Firmware Update Issue

ok. I have a demo ps3 at firmware version 3.60 and it will not let me update it to the latest one. I cannot downgrade it because I have no idea how to do it correctly. I have found guides on how to do the downgrading but, it must be done by soldering. It is also costly from what I have read online everywhere. I was thinking about sending it to Sony to fix it and get a different one back or should I just throw it out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you get any error messages? Anything happen to the system? Any mesasges otherwise unrelated to updating? Is your internet connection good? Do you have internet connection?


Well, the error code I get is 8002F2E4. I tried to update it using a flash drive, internet connection wired or wireless and no luck at all. The flash drive is FAT32. All updates are official Sony firmwares from their site and nothing works.


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You should be able to update it. If not, send it to me =D. I will cover the shipping cost.

You should not have any problems going from from 3.6 to 4.2. Here is SONY's page to the update 4.2. It details how to update. Also, you can GOOGLE the specific firmware and download it and install it off a flashdrive. But, be sure to have it formatted in the FAT32 format, otherwise the PS3 will not recognize it.

Best of Luck,

Tough Gaming Technical Support

Agent Elisha

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Yeah, I've tried what you said and nothing works.


I would then recommend replacing the Hard Drive in the system and reformatting, and re installing and updating the firmware. Sounds like your Hard Drive is corrupted.


Alright, I did what you said to do and still nothing works. I want to just get this thing downgraded. Maybe that'll do it.


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