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iPod doesn't want to turn off


I've a simple question, my Ipod just doesn't want to turn off on its own, indeed, after use, the light is just fading but the device never turns off, until the battery is totally empty.

I tried to do it manually with the common proposed way ( lock/unlock, hold the menu button for 6/8 seconds), but this doesn't work :-(

I also tried to reset it (I mean restore) with itunes (this works, and during this operation, it turned off, then on).

Apple store said that it's too old (2006) to be repaired and just proposed 10% discount for a brand new one (thank you guys! :-S)

beside this, it works perfectly.

If anybody can propose a solution...

Thank you in advance


PS: there was a reportage about ifixit website, on a french national channel a couple of weeks ago!

really cool :-)

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David, the iPod doesn’t really get turned on or off in general terms. Instead it really only goes to sleep or is awake. I do know that you can force it to go to sleep, by holding down the play/pause button. To hold down the Menu and Center button for a reset. Here is what Apple say "When playing music, iPod sleeps after the amount of time set in the "Sleep Timer" preferences. The default setting for this feature is to never sleep or Off. If you set the timer to go off after a certain amount of time, iPod sleeps after that time has lapsed. The preference is then reset to its default of Off. You will need to reset it to an amount of time if you wish it to go to sleep again. The sleep timer feature can be accessed in the "Extras" section of the iPod main menu." If it works in restore, that means that it most likely is not hardware related. Try to restore with a different version firmware. You can get those from here Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for your answer oldturkey, I tried to install different version of the firmware from your website, but it didn't solve my problem.

As you adviced I added the sleep mode from the extra menu, and when I click it, nothing is changing.

On the other side, I compared with the same model in parallel, and the same action is resulting in a switch to the sleep mode for the second one (light screen is immediatly fading to dark)

There are a lot of topics on the web about this phenomenon/problem of switching off the Ipods. I tried different type of combinations clicking this and that, restoring, updating the firmware... etc , none of them worked.

The problem is that beside that, for the rest, it's really working as it supposes to do!

I start to think about some "physical" problem in the device.

The last action that I could do is to format the disk and reinstall the software. I hope it's gonna be recognized by itunes :-s

all the best



David, give it a try and let us know. This is sure interesting, especially since the iPod otherwise functions as it should:-)


Hi, same problem here after getting wet (30-pin connector). I've tried everything, are there any news? I think the reason it's a dock connector problem, in fact randomly coming up with this message while playing music: "Firewire connections are not supported. To transfer songs, connect USB cable provided. Press center to dismiss"

Thank you in advance


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