The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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Screen blurry after dropping?

My MacBook fell out of my locker, along with my entire backpack a little bit ago. Whenever I turn on the computer now though, it looks like someone took a blur tool from paint and wiped my entire screen down. I don't know exactly what the problem is, I bought the computer in august of 2008, no applecare, and apple says it will take $700 to fix... I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what my problem is?

I don't mind taking the computer apart myself, at this rate, I am going to have to pay to fix it or just buy a new one...

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The first thing to do is try the computer with an external monitor. If you have decent video with the external monitor your problem is in your LCD or the cables to it. If you don't have good video on the external monitor you probably have some kind of logic board problem. Try the monitor and get back to us so we know what to do next. Ralph

Ben--I found another possibility. Check this out before you do anything. Ralph

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I hooked it up to an external monitor, and I get perfectly fine performance. I am able to log in and do whatever I need to on my computer.


nice start +


That's good. The next step is to open up the computer and look carefully at the cables and make sure they are fully connected and not loose. Try that and let me know what you find. Ralph


Which ones are the cables I should check?


Which MacBook do you have? Look on the bottom of the case or under the battery for the information. Ralph


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