MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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Display Glass broken not LCD

Hello guys,

My Macbook pro 13" Unibody has the display glass broken....

And now i'm trying to figure out, how i may able to change it !


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Hey Damiii, which model is your laptop? We have guides for installing display glass on most of these models, but it depends on which one you have. If you need help identifying your Mac, check out this guide.


My 13" is a A1278 model !

I didn't see the guides and i've been looking for them !


All of the unibody MacBook Pro models have the same model number. If you use the ID your Mac tool that Jake linked to, you'll be able to narrow down exactly which model you have, and then we can point you to the correct guide.


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It depends on which model year you have. All of the guides are here, but you will need to choose the correct year. Once you find your device, you can go to the LCD guide which shows you how to replace it. Note that this process is extremely difficult since it will require using a heat gun to loosen all the adhesive holding the glass to the display assembly.

Good luck!

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