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I've tried to replace my screen, but I'm still having problems?

I've put in a new LCD screen, following instructions on here and after watching several youtube videos on the subject, but now the new screen is displaying horizontal lines, no color, and the bottom half of the screen is white. What did I do wrong? How can I fix this?

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Why did you replace the display? What was wrong with the original one?


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Monica, make sure that the display cable is properly inserted. It does have the tendency of going in crooked. Make sure it is far enough inserted, and that the clip that holds the cable is properly pushed down. If all of those things are okay and your display is still not working, get in touch with the vendor. You may have a faulty LCD. Of course, if you had the same issues with your previous display, it might be the logic board, but that is less likely :)Hope this helps, good luck.

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