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Utopia Planitia Ltd

Don't be a slave to technology, let us help you harness it, whether it's broken, misbehaving, or something new! All electronics welcome!

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Root cause analysis provides you with quality troubleshooting and repairs. Fresh builds of hardware, software, systems, procedures, and more brought to you with the same level of detail. We do geek so you don't have to!

Providing reliable solutions for over 30 years! Systems, gadgets, peripherals, networks, and more welcome here! We've been networking since before networks were popular!

With experience dating back to CP/M in the early 80s, text only monochrome video terminals, and most everything through the latest iPhones, computerized gadgets and gizmos are no strangers to us!

Printers, modems, networking equipment, we've seen them all, fixed them all. Cell phones, tablets, Android, iOS, Windows, Unix, Linux, Basic, COBOL, C, shell scripting, DOS scripting, been there, done that. Dialup, Arcnet, Ethernet, Novell networks, self built networks, just more things we've been doing for years.

Hardware problems? From installing or replacing memory, hard drives, optical drives, on down to repairing charger jacks, they're all jobs we've done many times. Having spent nine years in the two-way radio repair business, soldering component level pieces is nothing new.

We speak Kilohertz, Megahertz, CTCSS, trunking, Ham, antennas, and more as well! Telephones, megaphones, we have those covered too! Sirens, emergency lighting, extension microphones, vehicular repeaters for the public safety sector, NOT a problem! Turning a sedan into a full fledged police cruiser, a truck or van into an ambulance or fire truck, these are all projects we've been part of and mastered as well!

And if we can't help you, we'll help point you in the right direction! We can babysit your factory depot repair and save you the hassle!