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Normal Gadgets LLC

Normal Gadgets is a one-stop full repair company specializing in the repairs of all cell phones (including smart phones and iPhones), iPods, tablets and game consoles.


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Do you love your gadgets like we do? When you leave your cell phone at home or break it, do you have separation anxieties? That is why Normal Gadgets was created and why we are here. We are the Mobile Device Repair industry leader for Central Illinois.

Normal Gadgets was founded by Angie Ballantini and her dedicated staff of Level I, II and III Advanced Mobile Device Certified Technicians. Our goal is simple. To provide you with the most efficient, quality driven and economical repair service on your gadgets.

We also resell Wireless PrePaid Recharge Pins for over 45 wireless carriers including T-Mobile, Boost, XBox & more!

​We have trained our staff in all these devices so that you have just ONE STOP for all your repair problems - be it your iphone repair, smartphone repair, iPod, tablet or XBox.

​We have the expertise, capability, advanced technology, a wide array of repair parts and equipment to handle all problems in repairing your devices fast.

Normal Gadgets offers a corporate, school & hospital discounted program for supplied cellphones & tablets, along with employee owned benefit savings too!

We want to make your gadgets normal again!