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Trouble Shooting

Diagnose problems with your HP Pavilion using the HP Pavilion Troubleshooting page.

Identification and Background

The HP Pavilion 13-P110NR is a 2 in 1 laptop tablet that was released in October 2013. It measures 9.1 in. wide, 13.4 in. long, and 1 in. high, when closed and weighs 4.89 lbs. The product was originally available in gray or black. It features a detachable keyboard and a touchscreen to allow for more interactivity and mobility. This device is currently unavailable to buy new, but can be found on marketplace sites used.

To identify your device, open the laptop and locate the silver unlock button to separate the screen and keyboard, which is found centrally located under the screen. Once pressed, the screen should detach allowing you to see between the two parts. Look to the very right side of where the screen detaches on the keyboard and there you should find the model and serial number. If the serial number is 5CD3423995, then your device is the HP Pavilion 13-P110NR.

Additional Information

Manufacturers Support Page

Features and Summary

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