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If you are having difficulties with the HP ProBook 4425s, try referring to the troubleshooting page HP ProBook 4425s trouble shooting page

Background and Identification

The HP ProBook 4425s, part of the S-series, was released in April of 2009. The HP ProBook is identified by it number 4425s, which is different than the HP ProBook 4420s, that was also released in the same year. The model number on the HP ProBook can be found on the bottom of the battery at the back of the laptop when taken out.

The HP ProBook 4425s is a roughly medium-sized sleek laptop with a brushed aluminum case as well as a multi-touch click pad. It also has a 14-inch diagonal LED- backlit HD brightview and anti-glare displays. Some other features include a fixed focus lense, as well as a digital microphone.

The HP ProBook 4425s got updated to the HP ProBook 6445b series in October of 2009.

Additional Information

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