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Lasko 2002W Troubleshooting

6" personal cooling fan that tilts to direct air flow. Includes compartment for coins, paperclips and pins. Plastic cage around blades snaps easily in and out of place for easy removal. 7 7/8″L x 6 7/16″W x 9 1/4″H 1.4 lbs, white, plastic blades, stand, cage and motor housing. The round 'on' switch, located on the back of the fan, can be turned clockwise from off to speed two in the middle, speed one at the final position. Plug includes fused safety plug, which looks almost like a short six inch extension cord plugged into the main plug.

This model is different from the Lasko 2004W in that is does not include a clip to secure it to a tabletop. The brand "Lasko" is easily identified by the imprint on the front middle of the plastic cage surrounding the blades.

Origin of the product is USA. There are no recalls of this product to report.

Device page on manufacturer's website

Customer Reviews on Amazon

Video demonstration via Youtube

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