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Background and Identification

First released in 2015, this 9-inch tablet computer (AKA Polaroid P902BK) offers a below-average 8GB of built-in memory, which can, however, be increased by up to 64GB with a microSD card, while it is given a 2-megapixel main camera, which gives us the impression that this tablet might not be the best choice for taking the highest-quality pictures. Also, it is probably not the fastest tablet around, being equipped with a typical quad-core CPU that ambles along at 1.3GHz.

Also called Polaroid P902B, Polaroid P902BK. It was released in 2015.

The Polaroid P902 has no known recalls or failure modes that are accessible via internet.

Additional Information

Tablet Specs and Profile

Polaroid Device Manuals

How Polaroid Tablets Work

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