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Background and Identification

Released in Fall of 2013, Tap 21 is the successor to the first generation all-in-one Sony Vaio Tap 20. There are two model numbers that identify the Tap 21; SVT212A11L and SVT21215CXB. The second-generation Tap 21 is a major improvement from the Tap 20 and a leading competitor within the all-in-one market. With improved performance features and a longer battery life, it is a step up from its predecessor. As of Spring 2014, the Vaio Tap 21 is no longer manufactured because Sony sold off its computer brand. Replacement parts are still available and sold by third party sellers which can be found online.

The desktop features a 21.5 inch touchscreen capable monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. The graphic card in the desktop is an Intel HD Graphics 4000. With these features, the computer is great for streaming videos in high definition.

Weighing just 8.4 pounds the Sony Vaio is portable and easy to move around an office or home.

Additional Information

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