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Background and Identification

The Satellite M35X-S114 has an Intel Celeron M 350 Processor, a 15" LCD display, built-in stereo speakers, and weighs 6.8 pounds (depending on configuration). It shipped with Microsoft Windows XP Home as its operating system. When closed, the top of the laptop is silver and is engraved with a small, rectangular "Toshiba" logo in the center. Once opened, this specific model can further be identified by its black keyboard and the external speakers located at the bottom left and bottom right sides of the opened laptop.

The M35X-S114 model can be identified by referring to the model name and number listed on the bottom side of the laptop. A label should be present here that lists the model information. Also listed here is some hardware specifications of the laptop. Some of the laptop's hardware, such as the battery, RAM, and hard drive, are isolated in their own compartments along the underside of the laptop. Convenient access hatches are in place to make repair and replacement of these specific components simple and almost risk-free.

Additional Information

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