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Warning: This is not an easy procedure. Unless you have a 12 ton press and the know-how to use it, this will be a very difficult procedure. Your local tire store can do these for a very reasonable price, usually between $100-$150.



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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Tim Asp

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Excellent video on how to replace a Subaru Legacy Wheel bearing. I wish this video had been around when I replaced the both front wheel bearings on my 1997 Legacy GT. Although I did not have a micrometer my repair was still successful. I wanted to add in that a small Dremel tool would have been a great idea at the time of my repair and I highly suggest it for a job like this.

nshourds - Yanıt

Hello, I recently bought a 97 Subaru legacy outback, & it won't start. Guy I bought it from said he loaned it & the person put too much oil, then drove it about 5 miles it died & won't start still. Have checked all fuses, ran a diagnostic which read 02 sencers, & ignition something. Have any pointers for me. The guy I got it from also said b4 all this it ran great

Deseri - Yanıt

Does it turn over? Does it start then stop? What kind of noises does it make?

Tim Asp -

Try ground cables oil wouldnt have nothing to do with it starting. My 96 legacy outback had a similar problem took off ground cleaned and sanded dwn the holes and fired right up it even sounds like its gets more power. Check wired battery to starter. Battery to ground. Hope that helps good luck.

Jose Robles - Yanıt

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