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If your floor shifter just slides back and forth and will not shift the transmission out of Park this will tell you what to do.



    • Crawl under truck at driver's door on your back. Scoot over to middle of truck and look up to find transmission cable and it's connector to the transmission. It will no longer be attached. Reach up and slip it back onto the transmission lever. Get out from under truck and shift into gear. You may have to repeat this each time you shift gears.

  1. Buy this kit at Advance Auto (or similar kit elsewhere) Cut out the back of the cable's connector with utility knife
    • Buy this kit at Advance Auto (or similar kit elsewhere)

    • Cut out the back of the cable's connector with utility knife

    • Squeeze the selected bushing from the kit onto the linkage with pliers

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In my case, my truck broke the bushing where it connects the transmission cable to the console gear shift stick which then could be moved back and forth "freely", but the transmission would not engage. I lifted the console housing around the shift to replace the bushing and repositioned the housing to drive away.

gandarlmg - Yanıt

Great info however I found that on the 2004 f150 model and up it’s not necessary to cut the connector if you are using the right size bushing, just press it down really good the fit is just perfect no play what so ever and it doesn’t come off, been driving the truck for about two years and so far success! Haven’t replace the whole cable which is in my opinion a waste of money

Kevin - Yanıt

I have a 2004 F-150 Lariat ….Thnx for the post. Ford said the cable ( $65 )must be purchased because the bushing isn’t sold separately. I saw this post and installed the bushing ( the only bushing in kit w numbers stamped into it ) with the wider part of bushing facing the tranny. Very easy to do w channel locks, no cutting necessary. CAUTION, put parking brake on, because the transmission shifter arm can be easily moved while installing the cable linkage end.

topcatpatt - Yanıt

My cable pulled out of piece that holds bushing how can I fix

janice foster - Yanıt

My truck wont go into third gear

Jessica - Yanıt

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