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How to replace the turn signal in your Honda Accord.


    • ifixit doesn't allow linking to specific times in the video, so you'll have to drag through to the right time in the video:

    • LEFT Turn Signal (Driver's side): 8:09 in video.

    • RIGHT Turn Signal (Passender's side): 9:39 in video.

    • The beginning and end of the video includes a lot of talking. Really, just drag through to the specific time you need.

    • This video does not go over headlight replacement. Other videos I have looked at suggested taking off the underside body panel for the front wheels.

    • It may be possible to reach the headlight using the same method as the turn signals. Please update this guide if it works for you.


Turn signal image credit: By OSX - Own work, Public Domain


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Showing ALL the steps including what some might consider pointless is all important to a novice like myself. I am referring to the removal of drivers side air intake and duct as such. And to get a little more granular when showing the removal of the duct, as only needing to be pulled hard and not having to worry about any hidden clips etc. Well done. I will no doubt return here again.


mystica9999 - Yanıt

This is not for turn signal replacement. Its for repalcing turn signal bulbs. Please edit to refelect that. I was hoping this was a how to for replacing the turn signal piece that controls the turn signals.

Latiron London - Yanıt

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