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2009-2015 Toyota Prius Spark Plug Replacement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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are the torque specifications for the spark plugs 15lbs? where did you get the specifications from? do the other bolts on the rest of the parts removed have torque specifications? they must have a torque requirement since everyone has different “it’s tight enough” opinions. I just don't want to overtighten and damage things. It was a good video and instruction. I didn't think it would be that involved to just get to the plugs, but it’s good you put this together for everyone.

lucky.777 - Yanıt

Hi Lucky.777, if you click on the YouTube video the torque specs are listed in the descriptions.

Torque specs:

10 ft. lbs - Wiper arms

6 ft. lbs - Wiper motor mount bolts

9 ft. lbs - Cowl sub assembly bolts

13 ft. lbs - Spark plugs

8 ft. lbs - ignition coil bolts

Blake Klein - Yanıt

Thanks for the video. I completed this job in a little over an hour from start to finish. That included moving some stuff in my garage so I could pull the car in part way. Thundershowers in central Florida in the summer time will always get you if you don’t plan.

The tip about 9/16 spark plug socket was a key item. I used a magnet to remove the spark plugs from the tubes since my socket did not have the rubber grabber inside of it.

Thanks again for the helpful video.

hbensley - Yanıt

Many thanks for your helpful video. I just put new plugs in my 2013 Prius Two … Denso SC16HR11. Only one suggestion for your instructions. The spark plug tool on this link is used at dealerships. It fits the Denso plug perfectly, reaches down into the spark plug cylinder easily, and has a magnet to make the job foolproof.

Michael Mathis - Yanıt

do you have sparks plugs for toyota prius 2012?

DANIEL - Yanıt

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