The motherboard has lots of other parts mounted into it, therefore it is important to treat the board carefully, and follow instructions as shown on the steps.

  1. Plug out the charger and pull out the memory card if connected as a preliminary step.
    • Plug out the charger and pull out the memory card if connected as a preliminary step.

    • Make sure that the device is turned off as a precaution.

    • Wedge the plastic opening tool between the front and back cover on every side as shown on the photos.

    • Slide the plastic opening tool back and forth to make sure that the back cover is disconnected.

    • Remove the back cover.

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  2. Remove the protective copper sticker and all duct tapes fixed on the device.
    • Remove the protective copper sticker and all duct tapes fixed on the device.

    • Locate the two ribbon cables attached to the motherboard. Using tweezers, remove the cables away from their sliders.

      • Use the tweezers accurately as shown on the images, and apply a minimum force to remove the cables to prevent any damage.

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    • Unscrew four #00 Philips 2 mm screws holding the battery tray in place.

    • All screws removed from the device in this guide and accompanying guides are the same, so continue to use the #00 Philips head screwdriver.

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    • Locate the battery cable attached to the motherboard. Remove the cable gently using tweezers, the same way applied before for the ribbon cables.

    • Now, you are able to remove the battery from the device. You can then separate the metal frame located at the back of the battery by gently wedging the plastic open tool in between the two parts, and slide it back and forth until the metal frame is removed.

    • When you separate the battery from the metal frame, be sure to hold it tight on the center by one hand, since the whole battery consists of two smaller batteries joined together.

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    • There are seven screws holding the speakers in place. In the previous steps, you removed four of them, highlighted in red. All that's left to do now is to remove the remaining three screws which are highlighted in orange using philips #00 screwdriver.

    • The size of all screws are 2mm.

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    • Locate the two speakers cables connected to motherboard. Unplug these cables from their sliders gently by using tweezers.

    • There are two speakers located on the device at different locations. It is easy to identify them with their black cover. Fortunately, the same replacement procedures applies for both parts. This step includes removing one speaker plug only, since the other cable is identical, you can perform the same procedures as well.

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    • Now, the speakers should be loose and easy to remove. You can gently use your hands to take them off.

    • From here you can set the speakers aside and replace them with new ones that are functioning properly.

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    • There should be a total of 12 screws removed from the device, 7 of which have already been removed in the process of taking out the battery and the speakers. The remaining screws are highlighted in blue.

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    • Carefully disconnect the cord that connects the on/off button to the motherboard

    • Peel back the electrical tape holding the connections of the motherboard down to the frame of the device.

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    • The motherboard should be loose now and easy to remove.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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