If your screen breaks or has dead pixels, the most cost effective solution is to replace the screen.

  1. Place the laptop on a flat surface with the bottom side facing up.
    • Place the laptop on a flat surface with the bottom side facing up.

    • Place the tip of a spudger or finger into the hole on the battery release slider.

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  2. Use the spudger to move the slider to the right and hold it there.
    • Use the spudger to move the slider to the right and hold it there.

    • With the slider held, use your other hand to pull the battery back away from the laptop.

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    • Open the laptop, keeping the screen on the table.

    • CAUTION: Only use the spudger on the outside of the device. Don't insert it where the bezel meets the screen

    • Use a spudger to unclip the top left and right sides of the bezel. You should feel and hear the clips releasing as you do this.

    • Turn the device around 180 degrees, keeping the screen on the table. Use the spudger on the bottom of the screen to unclip the bezel between the hinges.

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    • Lift the bezel one inch off the top corners of the screen.

    • Gently pull the plastic bezel toward you.

    • Set the bezel aside.

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    • Unscrew the four black #0 3mm Phillips screws holding down the screen.

    • Lift up the small pieces of black tape at the bottom center of the screen near the keyboard.

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    • Lift up the screen from the silver tabs at the top and flip it over to rest on top of the keyboard.

    • Carefully unwrap the narrow black tape from around the ribbon cable connection.

    • Pull off the clear tape from the ribbon cable connection.

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    • Pull out the ribbon cable.

    • Remove any remaining tape holding the screen to the laptop.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Be sure to tape the cable back to the screen to avoid display problems.

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I am 69 years old and bought myself and 4 grandchildren Acer Chromebooks. I heard the screen messing up was quite common. So when my screen went first, I knew I had to learn to fix it, or spend another small fortune if they all broke down. So here I am. The screen is adventure..putting a new one in. Will return here to do that. Thanks for the site.

Patricia Hadley - Yanıt

Worked perfectly. Replaced my daughters screen in about 15 minutes. Thank you.

Liam - Yanıt

Great guide. Didn't realize it was that simple...i'd like a little information on which screen was purchased for this model.


Adam Johnson - Yanıt

I like it. The link for the screen is dead for me but I will find one.

Spencer Saunders - Yanıt

Thanks for this. Just repaired 3 laptops for my classroom! Super easy.

Andrew Davis - Yanıt

I had a chromebook for school which the school bought , and my brother broke it … do these steps really work ?

Jaylin - Yanıt

Does this really work

Jaylin - Yanıt

Works well! I work at a school and needed to replace the screens to 10 units. Works great!

Derick Kurpiel - Yanıt

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