This guide will show you how to safely access and replace the RAM sticks for the Alienware M14xR2 laptop. In order to remove the RAM you need to first remove the battery and the CD drive.


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  1. Turn the computer off.
    • Turn the computer off.

    • Disconnect the charging cable from the computer.

    • Failure to unplug the charging cable could result in electric shock and serious injury.

    • Flip the computer upside down.

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  2. Loosen the two 6.35 mm size 1 Phillips screws on the back cover.
    • Loosen the two 6.35 mm size 1 Phillips screws on the back cover.

      • The two screws are spring loaded and will not separate from the cover.

    • Slide the back cover towards you and then lift upwards to remove.

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    • Loosen the two 6.35 mm size 1 Philips screws attaching the battery to the laptop.

    • The two screws are clipped into the battery and will not detach.

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    • Pull up on the black tab on the battery to reveal the connection between the battery and laptop.

    • Pull up on the white connector to disconnect it from the laptop.

    • The battery is now free to remove from the laptop and can be set aside.

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    • Unscrew the four 6.35 mm size 1 screws.

    • Pull up on the end of the orange tab to detach it from the white connector.

    • Lift the optical drive up and out of the laptop and set it aside.

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    • Unscrew the two 6.35 mm size 1 screws.

    • Lift up and remove the panel covering the RAM sticks.

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    • Push outward on both prongs that secure the RAM sticks in place.

    • The RAM sticks will rise upward when released from the prongs.

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    • Grab and pull the RAM sticks up and out of their casing and set them aside.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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How max is the ram upgrade compatible with the m14x ifixit?!

doantuan85 - Yanıt

I meaned r1 model

doantuan85 - Yanıt

Yo, man! If my RAM slot is damaged somehow, is there any possibility to change/repair it? It won't detect a RAM card, keeps beeping 4 times at the start.

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