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If the Apple TV device is overheating, the heat sink inside may have gone bad. This guide will show how to uninstall and replace a damaged heat sink.


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    • The Apple TV has no visible screws or visible areas of entry. Therefore, we must first begin by using a metal spudger or two and inserting them between the rubber-coated base and the upper case

    • With some careful maneuvering, the Apple TV base should pop off.

    • A large pink square will be visible once the base is removed. This is the thermal pad.

    • The heat sink is the large black piece holding the thermal pad in place. The heat sink is metal and it’s purpose is to draw heat away from the chips inside the device.

    • The thermal pad should come off in one piece. After it is off, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the five screws holding the heat sink in place.

    • Once the screws are removed, it will be easy to separate the heat sink from the PCB. You will also notice a second thermal pad located under the heat sink. You may remove this pad as well.

    • Once the pads are removed, they may either be reattached to a new heat sink or new thermal pads may be placed on the new heatsink.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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