If you forgot your Password, Security PIN, Pattern Drill...

You can pass the security with a factory reset.We will show you how to do this.

!!! ATTENTION. This will erase all your personal data !!!

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  1. First, try to pass the security with the Google account, registered on this tablet.
    • First, try to pass the security with the Google account, registered on this tablet.

    • If you can't, then go to the next step.

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  2. Switch off the tablet and eject the memory card.
    • Switch off the tablet and eject the memory card.

    • If you haven't memory card, you can use another, but it must be formatted at FAT32.

    • Google "asus memo pad how to reset to factory settings" and find the link to the official ASUS website.

    • Dounload "".

    • Direct link to ""

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    • Open "" archive and copy contents to the ROOT directory on the microSD.

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    • Put the memory card in the tablet and switch on it.

    • The tablet will go directly to the Android BSP Installation menu

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    • In this menu use Volume Up/Down for movement and Power On to confirm.

    • Choose "clear user data"

    • After a while the tablet will ask you to remove the media (memory card).

    • The tablet tablet will restart and restore the system automatically.

    • Before installing the micro SD back, erase last copied files.

    • .

    • Did you do it successfully?

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    this has not worked

    mless73 - Yanıt

    i tried same but not solve the issue

    Imran Khan - Yanıt

    it's work 1000% for me

    Asron Silalahi - Yanıt


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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the tablet don,t go to andriod bsp instalation menu

charming boy - Yanıt

Try with another micro SD card.

ZFix -

Hey All, I was able to complete this task by placing the individual files from "" onto the memory card. I tried placing the files from the zip folder onto the memory card, but that didn't work. Place only the individual files from the zip folder onto the memory card and re-boot and it will work...


Monk Paloo - Yanıt

make sure format it to FAT32

donie cahyadi - Yanıt

Power up the Tablet while PRESSING the (POWER)+(VOLUME UP)+(VOLUME DOWN) buttons all at the same time for several seconds..... the Android native boot loader will load allowing you to delete data and restore to factory defaults.....

Eric Fulton - Yanıt

I thought there was a simpler way!

etherialaura -

how to install the ip address and the mac address?

beacause after i do it i cannot to the internet...

please help...


George Javier - Yanıt

with your help ,i solved the tablet! TY !

gabi dinu - Yanıt

What if you don't have a micro SD card?

Peyton pollitt - Yanıt

Thx dude, it work for me !

salutations from algeria :)

kemarimadjid - Yanıt

tried everything no joy can not even get to the stage of factory setting

ajstrum58 - Yanıt

It work perfekt! Thanks

dusanpista - Yanıt

My asus ME172v does not enter menu mode, I already switched the micro sd and nothing, what to do?

junior - Yanıt

working 100% Thanks

Suaffi Worku - Yanıt

thanks buddy its really work

boys trust on this file its realy work

keep it up and god bles you

sherry khan - Yanıt

I’ve found Asus and got booted into blue screen, selected clear user data, clearing process completes, removed install media (micro sd) as instructed, Tablet reboots... No fix! still stuck at boot logo. Tried a few times. Haven’t found further instruction as yet...

winobie75 - Yanıt

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