1. Hold down power button.
    • Hold down power button.

  2. Use plastic opening tool to pry off the back cover of the phone.
    • Use plastic opening tool to pry off the back cover of the phone.

    • Remove the warning sticker that covers the battery plug and connecting cord.

    • Look for the widest gap on either side of the battery. Using the plastic opening tool carefully lift battery out.

    • The battery is held down with adhesive. Be careful not to damage battery or connecting cord.

    • Disconnect battery connecting cord using tweezers.

    • Use T5 Torx screwdriver to remove 14 screws from internal back plate.

    • Use of magnetic pad will help with keeping track of screws.

    • NOTE: The screws on either side of the Audio socket are shorter. Do not insert the longer screws when replacing them as the display will be damaged .

    • Once screws are out, remove the plate.

    • When the back cover is removed, the following 4 cables must be disconnected:

    • 1. Multitouch cord.

    • 2. Display cable. A lot of heat dispatching tape here. Peel off gently. To be pulled out towards the bottom of the phone.

    • 3. Bottom board connector. Taped with heat dispatching tape, peel off, pop up, like the multitouch cord. You only need to disconnect it from the main board, do not remove the whole cord.

    • 4. Antenna connectors. Lift up, pull up. Lift them out of the way.

    • Place your plastic opening tool at the side of the screen. Make sure all chords are unplugged and not stuck anywhere. Remove the screen from the metal frame.

    • To remove the screen from its frame, use the plastic opening tool.

    • Use caution when removing the screen from the frame, if too much force is used the screen may shatter.

    • There is a delicate gasket between the screen and the frame and a replacement is not provided with the new screen. Try VERY hard not to damage the gasket as you remove the screen from the frame.

    • Eject the sim tray.

    • Install the new screen.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Jonatan Bengtsson

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Where did u buy the replacement screen? Im lookin on ebay and there is alot of them but they are not as good as the original i assume! or am i wrong?

Jacob Eriksson - Yanıt

I got "Full LCD Display+Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement Fix For ASUS Padfone 2" from seller hightechhk-com, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Full-LCD-Displ...

At least at a brief glance they seem to have the same production ID. I bought another padfone 2 to have (I didn't want to be without phone), so I can do a serious comparison with test images later if it's interesting.

Mirar - Yanıt

After a few months testing I can't spot any quality difference in the screen, other than that the phone with a replaced screen might run a little bit warmer. Don't know if it's a software difference, of if it's because of the hardware change, or because I didn't manage well enough with putting back the heat tape...

Mirar -

The hardest part of this guide was the first step, to insert the prying tool. I guess you just learn how to do it properly eventually, but this was the only phone I intended to repair.

The other thing is that the front-camera didn't want to come lose. You have to use a little bit of push in the right direction to get it out. I pulled the main board out of the camera first, then carefully lifted the camera out, put the camera back in, and then attached the screen. The screen cable needed some force to enter the connector all the way in for me. (Might want to add that to the mainboard part, last step.)

Then I had one really annoying LED cable that refused to be positioned correctly and I never realized until I had about one screw left of the frame...

The phone has a lot of random sticky tape so quite some few things you have to use a lot of force for.

Thanks for the guide!

Mirar - Yanıt

Thank you Jonatan, your guide was extremely valuable.

A couple of notes:

1. Mirar is right: getting the casing off after unscrewing it is hard. Sliding it gently downwards towards the usb connector worked for me.

2. You have to lift the main board to get the multi touch cord through. This can also dislodge the on/off and volume controls so check they are properly in place before assembling it

3. In my case some of the glue came loose from the screen frame when I removed the screen. Luckily I had some double sided sticky tape handy that I cut into small strips so that I could glue in the new screen in otherwise there would have been hardly anything holding it in place.

nidgradetz - Yanıt

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