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Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement

What you need

  1. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement, Removing the Back Cover: adım 1, 2 resimden 1. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement, Removing the Back Cover: adım 1, 2 resimden 2.
    • Use your fingernail to gently pry off the phone's back cover at the indicated location. While your fingernail is under the back cover slide your finger around the edges of the phone until the cover pops off.

  2. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement, Remove the Inner Cover Screws: adım 2, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove the thirteen black screws and the single silver screw from the back of the phone with a JIS size 00 screwdriver.

    • The black screws are 2.8 mm in length.

    • The silver screw is 5.5 mm in length.

    • The black screw next to the camera and the flash is covered by a sticker. This screw can be easily removed as if there were no sticker on top of it. The point of the screwdriver should be able to pierce through the sticker easily.

    The screw next to the camera with the sticker on (top middle on screen) was T4 not J00

    Matthew Hew - Yanıt

  3. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement, Remove the Inner Cover: adım 3, 2 resimden 1. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement, Remove the Inner Cover: adım 3, 2 resimden 2.
    • Use a plastic opening tool to remove the inner phone backing.

    • The parts of the inner backing held down by two strips of double sided tape can be easily loosened by inserting the plastic opening tool underneath it and gently lifting it up.

  4. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement, Remove the Speaker: adım 4, 1 resimden 1.
    • Note the position of the speaker unit so you can replace it in the correct place during reassembly.

    • Take the speaker out of the back of the phone. It should come out easily as soon as the inner back is removed because nothing is holding it down in place anymore.

  5. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement, Battery: adım 5, 1 resimden 1.
    • Use a plastic prying tool to carefully detach the bottom part of the antenna.

    • The antenna can be easily bent out of shape. Be sure to lift from underneath the cable as shown.

    This antenna does not need to detach. I have broken the whole housing, the soldering part too.

    This antenna not link to battery, not requires to detach.

    syheng81 - Yanıt

    bagian rumit & xtra hati2 gan

    antonius doddy - Yanıt

  6. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 6, 2 resimden 1. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 6, 2 resimden 2.
    • Using the plastic opening tool, unlock the ribbon cable indicated in the picture by prying up the yellow tab.

    You are removing the yellow tape to release the ribbon cable which slides out of the connector quite easily.

    Kevin Willows - Yanıt

  7. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 7, 1 resimden 1.
    • Using a plastic opening tool, remove the vibration motor from its housing.

    Unfortunately the 2 wires coming from the vibration button on my Zenphone are soldered on.

    LisaKK - Yanıt

  8. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 8, 1 resimden 1.
    • Gently remove the board from the phone using your hand.

  9. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 9, 2 resimden 1. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 9, 2 resimden 2.
    • Using the plastic opening tool, gently pry the ribbon cables up as indicated in the pictures.

    I had a strip of very hard/sticky glue on the left side of the phone/antenna side that made this part very difficult and made the metal housing bend. My phone is from Hong Kong so this could the reson.

    Martin Lindelöw - Yanıt

  10. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 10, 1 resimden 1.
    • Carefully remove the battery pack from the phone using your hand.

    • There are fragile tabs on the left and right side of the battery, be careful not to break them off.

    There is glue under the battery. Requires adhesive remover

    The Lennipede - Yanıt

    You can remove the glue by pulling it from under one of the ribbon cables at the top of the battery. There is a youtube video showing it if you search zenfone 2 battery removal

    Dave Hall - Yanıt

  11. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 11, 3 resimden 1. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 11, 3 resimden 2. Asus ZenFone 2 Battery Replacement: adım 11, 3 resimden 3.
    • Carefully insert the metal spudger between the battery and its metal housing and then slowly pry the two apart.

    • Be careful when prying the two apart as to not bend the outer edges of the metal housing because this will make it a lot more difficult to put it back into the phone.

    Asus mobile phones aren't too good, one of my cousin have this Asus Zenfone 2. And the battery of this device has been stopped to working good. Even I've Asus Zenfone max pro m1, and it's headphone jack isn't working anymore

    Jeet singh - Yanıt


Put in a new battery and then reassemble your device by following these instructions in reverse order.

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Great job with excellent photographs and detailed explanations! Unfortunately this phone is a real goat rodeo when it comes to just replacing a battery. My phone froze and nothing seemed to help unlock it. Fortunately, I went back to an Android site and found the answer and was able to reboot it (holding the on/off button for 10-15 seconds) without trying to remove the battery. Thanks to you I've learned two valuable lessons.

Michael Pobjecky - Yanıt

How can i buy the battery for my Zenfone 2 ze550ml .I want 100% original li-po battery.

Skanda - Yanıt

my zenfone 2 charging very long time and berry laevel vry sort time discharge

shailendra - Yanıt

i replaced my Zenfone 2 ze551ml's battery carefully.

But when i put everything back ,it can not turn on .

the vibration motor is the only thing working

every few minutes the vibration will vibrate two times itself.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem,thanks

angus - Yanıt

Hi there I'm having the same problem with my phone, did you get any responses on how to fix the problem

mcummings197023 -

@angus: I have exactly the same symptoms on my Asus zenfone 2, two years old piece. I have not yet replaced battery. It suddenly went dead, no charging,, only vibrates on its own.

I m in Abu Dhabi. What to do? Any experience you can share to help?


arvind - Yanıt

@angus I think its the two connectors located on top of the battery, one is for the screen and the other for battery + sim + speaker, check them to see if they are still well plugged.

dserguei -

Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem... Few weeks ago I replaced the screen, and the phone was perfect until two days ago when I didn't charge anymore and I decided to switch it off when the battery was 5%. It didn't turned on anymore... only the vibration works too much (each five minutes!). To be honest in the last period the charger didn't work well... I had to put it in a specific position to let the phone charge. Now I would like to change the battery but the original one that is on amazon is quite expensive and I'm not sure that in the end the phone will work. Did you solve the problem? How many are the possibilities that chancing the battery I will get my phone working again? Thanks a lot, Miriam

miriam86 -

The camera doesn't run after battery replace.

Any help?

mau - Yanıt


After replacing the battery, I also have the same problem, did you solve it ??

Daniello Ferreira -

My device after replace the battery its overheating near the camera. any advice?

gotten14 - Yanıt


I'm also having the same problem, did you solve it ??

Daniello Ferreira -

Step by step, just what i expected. After first assembly i couldn't turn my phone on, but after i checked once again over any unconnected parts... yepp, done. No more any problems at all. Many thanks for this guide, cheers!

Piotr - Yanıt

when assemblying back it would be easier to put the battery in as the first step, connect it to the mainboard, and then cover with the metal shield assembly. Thanks for the guide!

Alexandre - Yanıt

hi guys,

i have an issue with my zenfone 2, i just went to connect my phone with a laptop and the phone shut down, i just turn on the phone and try to connect again with the laptop and the phone shut down again, but now i cant turn on te phone again! what should i do? a friend told me can be a short circuit..

i hope u guys can help me..

Ivan Daniel - Yanıt

i have a same problem my last check in my battery is 12% and then i watched youtube video and all of the sudden its shutsdown with warning, before when its empty theres a pop up saying powering off shutting down but last night its just went black and when i put my charger no led indicator no display all black, when pressing power button before it will show the battery icon on the screen but this time all black and it will vibrate every 5 to 10 minutes i charged it for long hours but still not fix please help...

richie mojica - Yanıt

Which is exactly the parts that charge the battery? I have charging issues after a battery replacement and I've tried to replace the dock station with no results.

Matteo Barcellona - Yanıt

Why my phone do not support fast charging after changing battery?i replace with original battery..pls help me

Luqman - Yanıt

Very well explained; unfortunately is most cases, to reassemble is the most difficult part and the connectors are not mechanically fitting together, they are just applied by the machine-robot with a precision difficult to attain by hand; as a result, the phone is dead forever with your new battery; more and more phone makers use non-replaceable batteries so you have to buy a new phone instead of a new battery, which is much more lucrative. They business model is not your happiness but to make money, so phone are made to fail quickly by design.


Thank you very much for this excellent step by step explaining. The hardest part for me was putting back the antenna into its home, this is mostly because of that I was really anxious to ruin it.

My phone wasn't charging nor starting up. After I removed the battery using this instructions and put it back, the battery gets charged now.

I thank you again, you saved a lot my time and money.

Erhan Karakaya - Yanıt

..mungkin lebih baik dan mahal sedikitkedepannya kalian beralih keproduk NOKIA or APPLE…right now guys

antonius doddy - Yanıt

Thank you very much for this guide. I followed it and everything worked well, though it was quite difficult to disassemble the battery and its housing because of the glues. I did not disconnect the antenna, but dismounted the vibration motor and displaced carefully the printed circuit board, to remove the battery housing. Putting back in position all the small connectors required a lot of attention. It worked, but it was quite stressful.

Thank you again for your help.

Piero Rapagnani - Yanıt

I replace with a factory $30 battery. Now the charge level indicates 50% all the time. I found postings online suggesting putting shims over the battery connector to ensure good contact. But that doesnt ork for me. It appears there are 3 contacts. The middle pin must be the charge sensor. Any ideas? I have the ZE551ML.

Charles - Yanıt

Same problem here

Pramudya Pratama -

Did you already fix that? I also put a battery for 20 € in it. Exactly the same problem.

My battery’s brand is Asus - So it should be original. (if i can trust the seller via

Ingo -

how to fix asus z2 cant turn on and just randomly vibrating a few minute

Elly Den - Yanıt

I could solve the problem from Charles, Pramudya Pratama and Ingo.

The battery is your problem. First i had an amazon battery from brand Asus - same problem like in your case.

I bought it from another place and it worked immediately. 20$ battery.

Sorry i can’t post a link for the correct battery because of the spam robot from this website. (i tryed several times).

Albert - Yanıt

phone was sort of 80% charged when I plugged it to laptop to transfer files. I remember seeing the screen went black with that charging icon (which doesn’t normally show when I plugged the phone to power socket or laptop, UNLESS the battery is all drained) and I thought ‘oh what’s it doing now’ and then it went all black and not responsive to anything. No screen, no vibration, nothing. I rang the smartphone and it wasn’t ringing - it went straight to voice message. Can someone please tell me what the issue is? I tried very hard to finally open the case and not sure what to do at all. Meanwhile i’ve been pressing the power button (with and without the lid) and absolutely no response..

erisasbudz - Yanıt

my ASUS phone is really disturbing me with the battery because now I have changed its battery for several times but the battery just works one time when it new, once its charged, it cant support the phone without a charger even if charged fully. if anyone knows the cause please help me with the solution,

Yiga Robertz - Yanıt

Mine worked flawlessly after replacing the battery.

Jerry Lumpkins - Yanıt

Has anyone tried replacing their ZE551ML battery this year with iFixit’s replacement battery?

Their calibration process suggests draining to less than 10% and then charging to 100%, but my battery never reaches 100% even after days of charging. Original charger and USB cable test fine, and the battery does charge, but it stops charging at some varying percent (usually like 85%). I’ve never seen this on any other battery supplier.

I’ve tried 3 replacements already, all have the same issue. The iFixit battery replacement warranty is amazingly easy and helpful! I’d rather just have a battery like the original that lasted 5 years with no issues.

Any thoughts?

Brian G. - Yanıt

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