Use this guide to replace the motherboard on the first generation Beats Studio.

  1. Using the T5 Torx screwdriver, remove the black screws on both sides of the outside of the headband.
    • Using the T5 Torx screwdriver, remove the black screws on both sides of the outside of the headband.

    • 4 (2 per side) Torx type T5, 3.5mm long screws.

  2. Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the black plastic hinge piece directly away from the headband as shown.
    • Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the black plastic hinge piece directly away from the headband as shown.

    • Remove the small metal hinges from their housings. There are a total of 4 hinges, two per side of the headphones.

    • The hinge pins may slide out upon removal of the black hinge piece from the previous step. Be careful not to lose the hinge pins.

    • Using a T5 Torx screwdriver, remove the silver screws from the silver segment of the headband.

    • 4 (2 per side) Torx type T5, 4.0mm long screws.

    • Using the plastic opening tool, gently pry the headband cushion directly away from the plastic portion of the headband as shown. Pry the plastic portion a small amount and then move the opening tool sideways along on the headband. Repeat on both sides until the cushion separates from the top plastic part of the headband.

    • Carefully remove the metal band from each of the hinge housings on each side. These should come off quite easily, provided that you have removed the hinges as instructed in step 3.

    • Congratulations, you have completely removed the headband! This will allow for ease of accessibility to the speakers should you choose to delve further into the depths of your headphones.

    • The black wire connecting the two speakers is somewhat fragile! Check that it isn't frayed. If it is frayed, consider repairing it with some electrical tape, splicing it, or replacing it.

    • Pinch the ear cushion between your thumb and forefinger.

    • Be very careful when pulling off the ear cushion, as the material holding the cushion onto the plastic ring can rip easily.

    • Carefully pull the cushion directly away from the earpiece.

    • The cushion will have a thin piece of foam inside of it that may fall out upon removal. Make sure to save this for reassembly.

    • Repeat for the other ear cushion.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to remove the black ring from the speaker. This will allow you to access the screws on the metal ring.

    • Congratulations, you now have access to the rest of the speaker!

    • For reassembly, the black ring cannot snap back into the speaker the way it was disassembled. It must first go inside the black lip of the ear cushion. The black lip is located on the back side of the ear cushion. Please refer to the last two pictures on this step.

    • The black lip is located on the back side of the ear cushion.

    • Make sure you are working on the speaker that has the label "R" for the right ear. This speaker is the one you must disassemble in order to access the motherboard.

    • Use a 00 Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws holding down the metal ring.

    • 7 Phillips type 00, 3.9mm long screws.

    • Set aside the metal ring.

    • Using the 0 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the 3 screws holding down the red speaker assembly.

    • 3 Phillips type 0, 8.0mm long screws.

    • The screws removed in the previous step held the cover in place so, go ahead and just lift it out!

    • Easy as 1-2-3!

    • Use the 0 Philips screwdriver to remove the two 6.0 mm screws screws that hold the motherboard and cover.

    • Place one hand on the other side ( where the beats logo is) so, that when you take the two screws out, the cover and motherboard don't fall out.

    • 2 Philips type 0, 6.0mm long screws.

    • Once the screws have been removed from the other side, turn the speaker housing around.

    • Simply lift the cover with the beats logo off.

    • Congratulations! You have uncovered the motherboard!!

    • Locate the black power button switch, then gently remove it with a pair of tweezers.

    • The mute button

    • Power switch.

    • Sometimes the motherboard will just fall out of its housing. If it doesn't, use a plastic opening tool to gently pry or push out.

    • Congratulations, you now have access to the motherboard!

    • The wires can now be de-soldered and the old motherboard can be replaced with a new one.

    • Before you begin soldering, make sure to mark or label all of the wires so that you remember exactly where they go.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Did you know what is the model or tipe of cable? I need to replace it

aaroncruzramirez - Yanıt

I would love to know as well what kind of cable I need to buy.

I mean the one that is multi colored there, very thin.

Arkymedes -

Where is the Bluetooth Adapter? Is it welded to the mother board? Or is it stand alone with like a flex cable connection? Basically, can the Bluetooth Adapter alone be replaced? Thanks.

Edwin Romero - Yanıt

Do you do beats mixrs electrical wires replacements for the headphones ?

PS MY NAME IS JOEY WILSON and i and 17 teen years old and i was just couries if you can fix the replacement wires for my beats mixrs and they are white and the problems with them are one side works and the other side doesn't work and ut starts to get hot and gets overheat way to easy and they make weird noise so can you please helpme or even tell me what to do to fix my headphones so please send me a response ok thank have a great day .

Joey Wilson - Yanıt

I believe a revision needs to be made to this guide.

I have a Beats Studio headphone with a “v1.8” revision motherboard, and there is an additional wire in play. Look at the picture of the motherboard in step 14 of this guide. In the upper-right “corner” is one of the screw holes that holds the motherboard to the housing, and directly above it is a large round solder pad. On the v1.6 motherboard this pad is empty, but on the v1.8 motherboard there’s a single-conductor wire that goes from that pad to the very tip of the metal “spring band” that goes over your head while wearing the headphones. Yes, it’s soldered directly to that “spring band”. I suspect this is some kind of grounding wire.

Steve Godun - Yanıt

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