Unplug from all cables
  • Unplug from all cables

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unscrew two Phillips screws on each side of the BCD3000
  • unscrew two Phillips screws on each side of the BCD3000

  • If the screws sit too tight, you can use the extension for better torque

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  • unscrew another two Phillips screws on each side

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  • Lift the upper control part.

  • Be careful, there are still some cables connected to the lower section.

  • Disconnect the cables by walking them out of their sockets.

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  • Remove the upper part completely.

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  • Disconnect the two cables from the lower section to the connector board.

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  • Slide the lower section to the front.

  • Now you can lift it and take it aside.

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  • Disconnect the separate boards.

  • Now you can take the modules out by unscrewing them from the case.

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  • The jog wheels on the front panel can be taken off by using a spudger and levering them out.

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  • The knobs can easy be removed just by pulling.

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  • Same goes for the knobs on the top section of the front panel.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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