1. Remove the back cover of the phone
    • Remove the back cover of the phone

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  2. Remove the battery
    • Remove the battery

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    • Unscrew the four screws using the T6 screw driver

    • If you remove the screw in red, you void the warranty!

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    • Remove front silver trim by using plastic opening tools and wiggle it off.

    • This is difficult to remove, but it should come off if you do it with caution.

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    • Once you remove the rim cover, you should find two more screws on the top. Unscrew them using the T6 screw driver.

    It opened using a T7 screw driver for my mobile at this step

    ershanu - Yanıt

    • Use the plastic removal tool to remove the entire back cover.

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    • Unplug the black antenna wire from the logic board.

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    • Peel off the three ribbon cables

      • They are orange and located on each side as well as on the top of the logic board

      • The cable circled in yellow is glued to the silver cap. Pull the ribbon cable upward towards the battery area.

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    • Take out your logic board

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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