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Cómo forzar el reinicio del iPhone X

  1. Cómo forzar el reinicio del iPhone X, Cómo forzar el reinicio del iPhone X: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • Presione brevemente el botón para aumentar el volumen (1)

    • Luego presione brevemente el botón para bajar el volumen (2)

    • Tenemos que precionarlos muy brevemente.

  2. Cómo forzar el reinicio del iPhone X: adım 2, 1 resimden 1.
    • Finalmente, mantenga presionado el botón lateral (3) hasta que aparezca el logotipo de Apple y luego suéltelo.

    please what do i do when my iphone X shows Up the Itunes Sign and needs to be Reset ….. And please how do i reset it

    nana dollar - Yanıt

    I’ve been trying to restart my iPhone X since yesterday night… doing it the way I always do (volume up or down and hold side button) and NOTHING. I just came to look for help online and all the same thing. BUT I found your way… and I got my phone back!!!! It was frozen on the same screens, unresponsive. THANK YOU!!!

    Karina Ardizzi - Yanıt

    It didn’t work :(. I’m pressing the button….

    Susie Lopez - Yanıt

    how to know what happen with my iPhone X. dark only could not charge. I did not used a week.

    Bunyavasi Malherbe - Yanıt

    Nope... still frozen cycle....

    Candy Ogden - Yanıt

    Yay!! Finally found a simple and easy fix!! and it worked

    Deberah Blair - Yanıt


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You saved my day. My iphoneX did not respond to anything after connect with the itune. I tried to shut down by holding volume up/down + side button but it didn’t work. So I tried your method and it worked!!! Thank you so much

Satit Jan - Yanıt

This is a temporary solution whenever my iphone gets unresponsive i used this method but after some time it again starts doing same laggy and unresponsive behaviour

Siraj Munir - Yanıt

good share. thanks.

MelissaR - Yanıt

What is the other way?

sa sas - Yanıt

will it delete all data from my iPhone?

_TR0xuu_ - Yanıt

No, it will only reboot the operating system. Your data and settings will persist.

Arno Keifl -

Génial. Ca a bien fonctionné même sur un Iphone 12

Emmanuel - Yanıt

Didn’t work. Now what?

Shawn Leimbach - Yanıt

It's not working for me, please anymore ideas?

Christiana Linus Ekpo - Yanıt

Apple logo didn't show on screen,just empty battery sign

May Weather - Yanıt

hi this literally saved my life thank you so so much!

bk03 - Yanıt

Face ID has stopped after changing the screen, how to fix


You have to have a machine that puts the old serial number on the new part so the phone recognizes it. It's called "parts pairing" and it's why Apple sucks. I have seen someone do it with an EEPROM reader/writer but I could not find one for purchase so you would need to go to an Apple-authorized repair tech to have your new parts reserialized.

Sandy Andlow -

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