This guide tells you how to remove and repair or replace the LCD screen and the glass screen in your viewfinder.


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  1. Orient the camera with the hand strap facing you.
    • Orient the camera with the hand strap facing you.

    • Remove the two 4mm #00 Philips screws.

    • When the screws are removed, the black plate will easily come off as well as the two metal plates under it. Be careful to not let them fall or get lost.

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  2. Lift the strap up.
    • Lift the strap up.

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    • Orient the camera so that the back button panel and viewfinder are facing you.

    • Push the "Battery Release" button to the side and hold.

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    • While holding the battery release button to the side, slide the battery towards you, past the release button.

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    • Reorient camera so that the playback button panel and empty battery slot are facing you. The edge of the LCD screen should be facing you.

    • To open the screen, hold the open button shown down and flip the screen open.

    • Remove the two #00 Philips 4mm screws on the outer edge of the LCD casing.

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    • Flip the screen counter-clockwise and reorient the camera with the bottom edge of the LCD screen facing you.

    • Remove the 4mm #00 Phillips screw from the bottom of the LCD casing

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    • Remove the two 4mm #00 Phillips screws on the inside edge of the LCD casing. After removing the first screw you will have to rotate the screen 180 degrees to remove the second screw.

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    • Reorient the camera with the LCD screen edge and playback button panel facing you.

    • Remove front panel of LCD screen by pulling it directly to the side.

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    • Disconnect the screen components from the main body of the camcorder by applying downward pressure near the circled hinge.

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    • Remove the 4mm #00 Phillips screw connecting the LCD to the glass screen and lower casing.

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    • Remove the lower casing by pushing up on the glass screen with your thumb.

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    • Remove the glass screen from the LCD by lifting up on the cream colored hinge to disconnect the ribbon wire. Pull the glass screen away.

    • Replace the glass screen if it is cracked or damaged.

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    • Remove the LCD by disconnecting the remaining two ribbon wires by lifting up the cream-colored gate and sliding the ribbon out of the black gate.

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    • Replace the broken LCD with a new one.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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