The flash assembly is a retractable light bulb fixture that displays a quick burst of background light emited from a light bulb.

  1. Remove the three Phillips screws (shown) located at the bottom of the camera.
    • Remove the three Phillips screws (shown) located at the bottom of the camera.

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  2. Open the door to the CompactFlash memory card slot by sliding it towards you and swinging it open.
    • Open the door to the CompactFlash memory card slot by sliding it towards you and swinging it open.

    • Remove the memory card if it is still in the camera.

    • Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the Phillips screw (shown) underneath the memory card slot door.

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    • Remove the Phillips screw (shown) located inside the top of the memory card compartment.

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    • Open the battery compartment door at the bottom of the camera by sliding the latch to the right and then sliding the door down.

    • Remove the batteries from the compartment.

    • Unscrew the three Phillips screws (shown) located inside the battery compartment.

    • The screw on the left is longer than the other two.

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    • You should now able to remove the top lid of the camera.

      • Be cautious of the fragile mylar cable that connects the lid to the main body of the camera.

      • Removing the lid takes a little force. Do this gently. There may be a snapping sound.

    • The door to the memory card compartment will be freed and should be removable now.

    • In other versions of this camera, there is a tab that secures the top from the wrist strap. If yours has this, you won't be able to completely separate the top until you have removed the top screw in Step 8.

    The upper screw from Step 6 must be removed first, ( also fixing top lid )

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    • Remove the lower Phillips screw (shown) from the side of the camera.

    • Open the small rubber door below this screw that covers the connectors.

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    • Open and pivot the LCD screen to its widest open position.

    • Remove the rear cover by pulling it straight away from the body of the camera.

    • When reassembling the camera, remember to replace the screws in the same location from which you removed them. Otherwise, you may damage the camera.

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    • Now remove the top screw 3.3 mm long on the side of the camera that hold the side panels and the front cover using the #00 screwdriver.

    • Gently remove the side panel of the camera by pulling it away form the camera.

    • The side panel may get stuck on the internal wires, so gently wiggle this panel loose.

    When returning this panel insert a slip of paper so that you can shepherd the tab past the wires, then pull it out when the panel is correctly in place.

    Richard - Yanıt

    • Unscrew the 2.4 mm long screw that holds on the front panel underneath the side panel using the #00 screwdriver.

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    • Underneath the battery cover there is another 3.8 mm screw in the corner that needs to be removed using the #00 screwdriver.

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    • Gently pull up on the front cover to remove it from the body

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    • Unscrew the 3.8 mm screw under the flash housing.

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    • Lift up black cover.

    • Black cover is attached to the top of the capacitor with adhesive.

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    • If the entire flash housing needs to be replaced...

    • Unsolder the black and red wires from the back of the circuit board behind the flash.

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    • Use the opening tool to unclip both sides of the black cover on top of the flash

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    • Use the opening tool to lift off the black flash cover.

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    • If the flash needs to to fixed...

    • Unsolder the brown wire from the circuit board.

    • The piece of metal that attaches these parts will have to be bent back.

    • Make sure the capacitor is discharged before these steps are attempted. Do so with a screwdriver with a rubber handle.

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    • Unsolder the gray wire attached to the capacitor.

    • This is the last wire that connects to the flash.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Remember to re-solder any wires that were unsoldered.

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