In this guide you will learn how to replace broken buttons on the Back Panel of your Canon PowerShot ELPH 300HS. Replacing these buttons is usually a simple and inexpensive alternative to having you camera repaired at a shop or replaced.

    • Before you begin taking apart your device, the first, and MOST IMPORTANT STEPS are to:

    • Turn off your camera.

    • Remove the battery to prevent risk of shock.

  1. Turn off your camera by pressing the power button, located on the top-center of the device.
    • Turn off your camera by pressing the power button, located on the top-center of the device.

    • Locate the battery door on the bottom right area of the camera case.

    • Place your finger firmly on the black rubber pad on the battery door and slide the door to the right to open it.

    • Locate the orange battery release button beneath the battery door.

    • Slide the battery release button downward to release the battery.

    • Be careful when removing screws, as they are stripped easily.

    • Remove the two screws located on the left side of the camera case, using the Phillips screwdriver #00 (2.0 mm).

    • Remove the two screws on the bottom of the camera located near the battery door (Phillips #00 screwdriver) (4.0 mm).

    • Remove the screw located on the lower right side of the camera case (Phillips #00 screwdriver) (4.0 mm).

    • Remove the HDMI A/V out port cover located on the upper right side of the camera.

    • Remove the screw located just beneath the port cover removed in step 2. (Phillips #00 screwdriver) (2.0 mm).

    • Remove the back portion of the camera case to reveal the screw located on the top of the case.

    • Remove the screw from the top of camera case, located next to the shutter button (Phillips #00 screwdriver) (1.5 mm).

    • Carefully pry the case apart at the seem, using your fingers.

    • Be careful not to over bend the small metal projections located along the seams. These aid in holding the case together.

    • Be careful not to allow dust or other particles to settle inside of the camera while the case is detached. This can cause functional issues in the future.

    • Now that you have followed the steps to remove the case, you can remove the back panel of your camera and replace it with your new panel.

    • Now that you have replaced your back panel buttons, you can reassemble the device in reverse order of the instructions in the Camera Case Replacement guide.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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