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Canon ip4600 printer - Ink Absorber

  1. Canon ip4600 printer - Ink Absorber, Remove the sides and top of the case: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • Follow the attached Simplified Service Manual (PDF) to remove the side and top covers from your printer.

    • Note that it is not necessary to remove the rear to silver trim corners.

  2. Canon ip4600 printer - Ink Absorber, Remove the printer from the lower part of the case.: adım 2, 3 resimden 1. Canon ip4600 printer - Ink Absorber, Remove the printer from the lower part of the case.: adım 2, 3 resimden 2. Canon ip4600 printer - Ink Absorber, Remove the printer from the lower part of the case.: adım 2, 3 resimden 3.
    • 5 screws directly attach the printer to the base of the case. 3 at the rear are obvious. A sixth screw also needs to be removed from adjacent to the USB socket.

    • The first photo shows screw 4 at the front left corner.

    • The second photo shows screw 5 - which is buried just to the left of the motor.

    • The third photo shows the final screw, which attaches the metal frame adjacent to the USB socket.

    • You can now carefully lift the printer from the lower part of the case, taking care of wiring!

  3. Canon ip4600 printer - Ink Absorber, Clean the ink absorber pads.: adım 3, 1 resimden 1.
    • There are 9 pads in total, 3 in the right hand section (these will be worst), 3 large ones in the centre and 3 more at the left.

    • All the pads should be lifted out, washed out thoughly in warm water and then dried. A nice sunny day helps!

    • The photo shows all the pads clean and reinstalled.

    • Whilst the printer mechanism is out, is also worth checking and cleaning the pipes that feed ink from the ink pads to the base of the unit.

    • As they say, this is a simple reversal of the disassembly.

    • There are various things about resetting the counters online, but the reliable method is to download the service engineer's software.

    • I was very grateful to find this at: BUT THIS NO LONGER WORKS. You can now access the tool on my Google drive:

    • You will need to put your printer into service mode. Assuming that your printer (ip4600 series) is already installed on your PC, reset can be done once your printer is in Service Mode.

    • a. Switch Off the Printer b. Hold the Resume Button c. Switch On whilst Holding the Power Button d. Release the Resume Button e. Press the Resume Button Twice f. Release the Power Button. By this time your printer is in service mode.

    • Run the Service Tool Program (Resetter). Select your Region (EUR). Press the ?? at RHS of ‘Set Waste Ink’ section.

    • All done - hopefully successfully!


Once you have cleaned the 2 in pads, washed and reinstalled the ink absorbers and reset the counter you will have completely restored your ip4600 printer.

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Excellent post, rejuvenated my aging Canon. At first, I was skeptical about the 4-6 hours needed but this turned out to be true; even longer as there was no sun in December to dry the pads. It’s only when you come to clean the ink absorbers are your suspicions confirmed that, every time you sit there patiently awaiting the blasted thing to actually start printing as it sits there clunking and chuntering for [ literally ] minutes, these machines squirt most of their ink straight through into their bowels as opposed to directing it onto paper. This, coupled with the knoweledge that printer ink is officially declared as the world’s most expensive liquid is a blood boiler.

Anyway, many thanks for your help and may I offer a couple of tips?

Take a video as you remove the nine pads. Life saver in getting them back in the right order and:

If you’re using the sink to wash out the pads, wait until the wife is out

Terry Bracey - Yanıt

Great to hear you succeeded and that my post helped Terry.

Unfortunately the print head packed up on my iP4600 only a few months after I did this, and as I had an almost unused iP4800 awaiting in the wings, there wasn’t much point in spending £20+ getting a replacement - so for the moment it is ‘retired’!

Nick Fane -

Unfortunately, my PIXMA iP4600 does not have any screws with which to detach the printer from the base of the case - the whole case assembly has flush, in-built plastic clips throughout - and some of them are hidden. My problem, at the moment, also seems be, how do I un-clip any that I find without causing any fractures/cracks in the casing? I’ve been used to opening casing clips on various bits of radio gear (I’m a radio ham), but this kit is one frustrating puzzle. I’ll persevere, but I’m not hopeful. Cheers. Mike Robertson, Woking, Surrey, England

Michael Robertson - Yanıt

Sorry to hear this Mike. I’m slightly surprised there is a completely different variant of the IP4600 - not least as the service manual I attached claims to also cover the later IP4800 (but of course does not go as far as removing the printer from the base of the case). Sadly, my experience is limited to my one printer, so I can’t offer any help. If you do resolve it, please post so others can see the solution.

Nick Fane -

Really helpful article Nick. Thanks very much. I have disassembled my IP4600, cleaned the pads but the problem I have is a metal 'L'shaped bar has come off and I'm not sure where it came from so I can attach it again before assembly. The bar is silver, has T1-1 on the reverse, is 25 cm length X 1.2cm width, has 5 square holes roughly 1cm square, 2 round holes and 1 hole that is more like an oval.

Any ideas what this bar is and more importantly where it should be fixed onto the printer?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Jonb75 - Yanıt

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