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Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement

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  1. Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement, Battery: adım 1, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove pin from watch band link to obtain easier access to the back of the watch.

  2. Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement: adım 2, 2 resimden 1. Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement: adım 2, 2 resimden 2.
    • Using the adjustable wrench, unscrew the back face of the watch.

  3. Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement: adım 3, 1 resimden 1.
    • Using the sim removal tool, carefully pry the capacitor from its current location.

    Are all the capacitors the same? How do I know which is correct for my watch model?

    Tracy Ali - Yanıt

  4. Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement: adım 4, 2 resimden 1. Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement: adım 4, 2 resimden 2.
    • Replace the capacitor with the new lithium capacitor.

    • Make sure the positive side is facing upward.

    • When reinserting capacitor, make sure the brass connector is inserted into the inlet of the battery slot.

    What if I bent the prong , can it be inserted when it’s not totally straight?

    Theresa - Yanıt

    And will it work properly if I have inserted it with a bit of a kink. I don’t know if it will work I need to charge it with light first

    Theresa - Yanıt

    Prior to putting the battery in there was movement in the second hand !!, now nothing, once I replaced the battery with a kink in it

    Theresa - Yanıt

    I am charging it seems a bent piece will still run when inserted

    Theresa - Yanıt

  5. Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement: adım 5, 2 resimden 1. Citizen Ecodrive Watch Battery Replacement: adım 5, 2 resimden 2.
    • Pull the knob out for thirty seconds to place the watch in its "all reset" mode.

    Where can I get/find a Stem and Crown for this identical Watch ?

    Franz Weber - Yanıt

    It’s difficult to snap the back back on any tips?

    Theresa - Yanıt

    If it is a push back watch (one where the back pops off, and not screwed on), there is a few things to be mindful of:

    1. The back seal. It's the little rubber o-ring that is either on the back case, or inside the body of the watch. This needs to be intact, especially if the watch is water resistant. These can be gotten cheap if yours is broken or misshapen.

    2. The stem: The stem attached the crown (the knob on the outside) to the inside of your watch movement. When snapping the back on, make sure the little cut out on the back case sits over the stem, otherwise it could snap in two.

    3. How hard you are pushing and the front glass: Sometimes the are difficult to get back on (and may require an extra tool) to get the back case on, but sometimes they just need to be pushed on really hard. But be aware of the glass at the front of the watch as too much direct pressure with break it.

    Joel Hickey - Yanıt


To reassemble your device, follow the steps in reverse order.

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How about citizen c605? How to open for replace capacitor?cheers

Citizen alex - Yanıt

Before doing any repairs it might be a good idea to do these:

1. Place the watch to bright sunshine for one full day the dial facing straight to the sun.

2. After the sun treatment pull the knop fully out and keep it that way for 30 seconds (or more).

3. Press the knop back in and wait for 10 seconds.

4. If the watch now works normally, you saved the battery price and your fixing work…

5. If not, you unfortunately have to do as instructed here.

Good luck!

Seppo Nikkilä - Yanıt

Does the Capacitor of an Eco-drive watch has a tendency to leak?

citizen ph - Yanıt

No Generally speaking electrolitic capacitors dry out from old age but these just lose their ability to hold a charge…. no leaking

Jeff Kohlmann -

Where can I get an adjustable wrench like the one in the picture?

Timothy Zorn - Yanıt

$16 watch tool kit on Amazon.

Jon Christensen -

Harbor Freight has an inexpensive one, Jules Borel, Cas-Ker Co., Esslinger, TwinCity and McCaw are a few companies that have watch related material and supplies…..

C. Hunt -

Harbour Freight only about 6 dollars

Earl McKenna -

Where do I buy capacitor and how do I find a model number that fits my watch?

nal pa - Yanıt

Watch rear or front dial

Jeff Kohlmann -

How much it cost to buy a capacitor for ladies watch with a mother of pearl face

josephine_66 -

What is the model Citizen(photo)?

Petro - Yanıt

Hello where can i find the capacitor to my citizen eco drive wr100?tks

marcosdaca - Yanıt

Amazon has stock

Jeff Kohlmann -

Thx very much this helped me to change the battery but i, have no clue wut tool to change it with?????

Lovelii Kae - Yanıt

Großartig, vielen Dank!

Bernd Kreuder - Yanıt

Can you explain/show how to fit the Citizen capacitor battery MT516F [295-7600 ] into a Citizen Eco-Drive Normandie Swarovski Crystals Womens Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet Black Watch MODEL NO EW9780-57E. the capacity battery has two contacts on the battery - one short and one long?

Leighton Cook - Yanıt

Easier to install than I had imagined just make sure you line up the little gold tab with the barely visible slot in the battery compartment. A magnifying glass helps. Also, this battery is so tiny that a tweezer is just about useless. Pick up the battery with a small piece of Scotch tape and guide into position.

Works perfectly now..

Leighton Cook -

So how do you get the capacitor out from under the retaining clip on a 8651M calibre movement??

Jonathan Gingerich - Yanıt

Clip must be removed first. I slid mine to remove

Jeff Kohlmann -

Hello! How would the capacitor in my watch? Citizen Model : gn-0-s-9


Look in Amazon

Jeff Kohlmann -

My Eco Drive was totally different. The back snaps off but first you need to remove the band. You need the correct tool to pop of the cover. The battery had an extremely small clip on top which took some time putting back on the battery. The back did not snap back on by hand, I used a tool designed specifically for that that. Also, there was an extremely small coil spring in the watch center which is not attached… it will pop out. The ends are two different sizes so be sure it goes back correctly. All my tools were purchased at Amazon.

Jeff Kohlmann - Yanıt

Would this be the same procedure for the stiletto G820-T001696 TA / 2N0600?

Brady Blackmon - Yanıt

Thanks for posting this … I figured this had to be a relatively easy thing to do (e.g., you’re basically replacing a coin-cell “capacitor” instead of a traditional watch battery) but I was amazed at how many online comments I read suggesting that this procedure was somehow “too difficult,” or “not worth it” for Eco-drive watches. My guess is that the only thing that would make it “not worth it,” is if, e.g., the watch is damaged, and/or the movement components too badly in need of internal cleaning/maintenance to make replacing the capacitor worth the effort.

markwietstock - Yanıt

How much it cost to buy a capacitor for ladies watch with a mother of pearl face ?

josephine_66 - Yanıt

Hi josephine,

It seems like this is just a standard coin cell battery with a small bit attached. They can be found for around $20-30 usd on amazon. Just make sure to get the one that is compatible with your model. I found these three, hopefully one of them could work for you.

Austin Blakely -

How do you change capacitor on a citizen aw1530-65e?


Zeusbooster - Yanıt

Hi, not completely sure about what I’m gonna say, but first remove the bracelet, to access the inner ring, then open it by following step 2 (I don’t have one to check that opening is the same though), then follow the steps which should be roughly the same for changing the capacitor.

hopes this help

Cajuteq - Yanıt

Thanks a lot! I used a digital caliper, instead of the adjustable wrench. My batterie held charge for 13 years. It is amazing. :-)

Tibor Bozso - Yanıt

How can I remove the bottom cap of my watch womens zitizen eco

rodriguezlaurae - Yanıt

The item being replaced is a battery. The watches also have a capacitor in parallel with the battery which can drive the watch for some time while the battery is replaced. I suspect the capacitor also helps avoid pulling high (tiny high) current pulses from the battery as the hands are driven.

3237daw - Yanıt

Hola quisiera saber cómo puedo encargar la batería de mi reloj, ustedes la venden ? Patricia Arcati

Patricia Arcati - Yanıt

Super Anleitung, vielen Dank. Nach einer Viertelstunde war der Akku getauscht und das von einem, der zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben eine Uhr geöffnet hat.

Karl Napp - Yanıt

Where can i buy a Stem and Crown for exactly this Watch ?

Franz Weber

Franz Weber - Yanıt

the case/model number is located on the outside of the back, this will dictate all that is needed for the stem and crown, it tells the movement number

and the case number, color too, Jules Borel,Cas-Ker Co., TwinCity and McCaw are a few companies that supply watch material……

C. Hunt -

for the Eco-Drive E760 which is the correct battery to buy?

SimoneGallina - Yanıt

the number will be located or the existing battery/capacitor…..different makers may have different numbers for the same cell…..

C. Hunt - Yanıt

I have a Citizen Eco Drive model E784; I want to make sure that the directions listed here will address my issue; I've given my 10 year old watch over 5 hours of direct sunlight; I've pulled the crown out to position 2 for 30 seconds, then pushed in back to position 0 and the second hand does not reset; which is leading me to think that the lithium battery/capacitor needs replaced ... also, can anyone tell me what is the correct replacement battery/capacitor number/name to use? Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Mike L - Yanıt

How much time last battery in citizen ecodrive under daylu use.?

Antonio Hoz - Yanıt

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