This guide instructs you how to open a Cybook Odyssey in order to desolder the battery and solder in a new battery.

The required equipment for this project is a soldering iron, solder, a new battery, and an iFixit opening tool and/or spudger.

  1. Turn the device off before disassembling.
    • Turn the device off before disassembling.

    • To open the Cybook, use an opening tool or spudger to unclip the cover around the screen.

  2. In this picture, you can see the peripheral slots on the back shell where the spurs of the cover are clipped.
    • In this picture, you can see the peripheral slots on the back shell where the spurs of the cover are clipped.

    • Once the cover is removed, locate the motherboard on the back shell (the left component in the third image). The motherboard will be the middle component as shown in the third image.

    • To extract the motherboard, remove the seven Phillips head screws used to fasten the motherboard to the unit.

    • The battery is located on the motherboard. Two wires, red and black, are soldered onto a small PCB (printed circuit board) connecting the battery to the motherboard.

    • Be aware of the power button that is located between the back shell and the motherboard on the lower right corner.

    • The original battery is soldered onto a protection circuit on a small external printed circuit board (PCB) where two wires (red and black) attach to the motherboard.

    • On the PCB, the red wire (positively charged) is soldered near the battery’s positive post. The black wire (negatively charged) is soldered near the battery’s negative post.

    • Determine the positive and negative posts on the new battery in order to correctly wire it to the PCB.

    • You may need additional wires to solder the (+) and the (-) of the new battery to the PCB in the same way the old battery installed.

    • Solder the new battery to the small PCB, as shown in the second image. The PCB is plugged (white plug)

    • Charge the battery with the USB receiver on the Cybook Odyssey before mounting the battery onto the unit.

    • Verify that the Cybook functions properly when the battery is charged and the USB cord is unplugged.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Could you show a picture with the solded new Galaxy S4 battery?

Martin - Yanıt

I add a picture with the new Galaxy S4 battery in the step 4

jompo -


un tutoriel trés simple .j'ai remplacé la batterie par une batterie d'origine samsung S4 pour 8€90.

la récupération de la petite carte électronique sur l'ancienne batterie est très facile à déssouder.



lamalicedm - Yanıt

hi ! I just got an S4 Battery, but it seems bigger, and it says 2600 mAh ... is it still ok ? :/ thanks

legandfox - Yanıt

I think it is ok. All batteries for galaxy S4 do not show the mAh (I do not remember what was written one the one I have put in the cybook). But you can measure the battery, the dimensions I mentioned in the instructions are about 5 x 46 x 60mm. For the capacity, 2600 mAh it is better than the initial 1600 mAh (but voltage must be the same, or very near 3,7V).

jompo -

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