This laptop has a strange engineering design. To change the Hard Disk drive you must fully disassemble it. There is not an HDD cover like on other laptops. In this manual we will show you how to do this.

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  1. Switch off the laptop and remove the battery.
    • Switch off the laptop and remove the battery.

    • The keyboard is held by 4x locking clips.

    • By using cutter, carefully lift up the one side of the keyboard and start opening the locking clips.

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  2. Remove the RAM memory cover and the DVD drive.
    • Remove the RAM memory cover and the DVD drive.

    • Now you have 12x M 2.5x5.0 screws.

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    • Unscrew 4x M 2.5x5.0 screws and disconnect the 3x flex cables:

      • Power on flex cable

      • Mouse pad flex cable

      • Hot keys flex cable

    • By using a plastic tool remove the upper case.

    Unscrew 4x M 2.5x5.0 screws beneath and then By using a plastic tool remove the upper case.

    David Groomes - Yanıt

    • Disconnect:

      • The LCD display flex cable

      • The WiFi & Blue-tooth coaxial cables

      • The speaker connector.

    • Remove 4x M screws from the Display module hinges.

    • Now you can remove the LCD display module.

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    • 5x M 2,5x5.0 screws hold the motherboard to the down bezel.

    • Be careful with these two connectors:

      • between motherboard and the additional charging port board,

      • between motherboard and the additional WiFi card slot, USB connectors board.

    • Start removing the motherboard from right side, near to the DVD drive connector.

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    • Finally you can find the hard disk drive on the back side of the motherboard.

    • Remove the last two screws securing the hard drive.

    • There are two strips of foam to prevent shock under the hard drive, which may stick to the drive due to heat—so, pull slowly away from the SATA connector so you don't damage any components.

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    • When you are installing the new HDD, hold the SATA connector with one finger.

    • Now assemble the system. I hope everything was successful.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank You for labeling what each of the flex cables is for. If there is an issue with the laptop after reassembly it will make finding the lose cable easier.

JPWhite - Yanıt

Truly this laptop was designed by a madman with no regard for easy of disassembly/reassembly.

ford423 - Yanıt

My model seemed to be slightly different and I couldn't get the upper case off from the side. I started from the top left near the power button.

Martin Pickett - Yanıt

My model was also just a little different. There were two screws holding a bracket to the MB located on the upper edge of the hard drive in your final picture. I had to remove these two screws and then there were 4 screws mounting this bracket to the HD. Also there was some adhesive strips on the under side of the hard drive that stuck the HD to the MB. I had to slowly pull the hard drive from the SATA connector.

jondonze - Yanıt

Well I think I will leave it to the experts

malcolmmcelwee - Yanıt

Well I think I will leave it to the experts

malcolmmcelwee - Yanıt

Does this support Seagate barracuda 1. TB 7200 rpm drive?

thisisdipakshinde - Yanıt

Thank you for the guide. One thing you might want to mention is that the flex connectors (with the exception of the LCD connector) attachment is flipped UP to unlock it. Take an edge and gently pry upwards to loosen the hinge, then use tweezers to gently pull the flex cable free.

chrisdavis - Yanıt

i replaced the hard drive and put the unit back together. but now it won't power up. i tried to retrace the steps related to powering the laptop; it all looks ok. any suggestions why the laptop won't power up? thanks!

Matthew Davis - Yanıt

Yep, whoever designed this laptop needs to burn eternally.

Thanks for the excellent guide.

stan - Yanıt

I have been getting under the hood of PCs, whether desktop or laptop for over 20 years, and I have to say, this Dell model is the most poorly designed laptop in the history of laptops! Talk about risking RUINING your entire computer, JUST to replace a wiggy HDD ! ! ! I have never, in DECADES, ever saw this electronic mess! You have to remove the MOTHERBOARD and flip it over to get to the HDD??? Come on!

lostgypsy - Yanıt

will this support a ssd ?

mike anderson - Yanıt

Yes it will, i just installed a Sandisk 240GB SSD in one last week. It's a real pain to get to, just be patient and you'll get there.

It now boots in 12.5 seconds to a fully usable Windows 10 desktop.

Given that you need to take apart the entire machine to get to the HDD, I would highly recommend cleaning and applying new thermal compound while you have the motherboard out.

It will only take an extra 10 minutes, but will make it run much cooler/quieter. Will no doubt keep the fan/processor going for longer.

Ben Kelly -

Thank you, it is pretty helpful.

teresawang214 - Yanıt

Why it is so complicated to accomplish the HDD Replacement, a question to the designer????????????????????????????????????????????

barsoumshady - Yanıt

Thank you for the guide man, much appreciated!

Wes Wadsworth - Yanıt

Hi, I followed the guide to replace my HDD by a SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 500GB) but the laptop does not boot: fans spins for 1s and then shutdown. If I put back the original HDD everything is working fine. Any idea on what to fix? The SSD works in another computer. Thanks

gestionpublic - Yanıt

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