This guide will show how to add RAM or replace existing RAM on the Latitude D600


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  1. Find the battery
    • Find the battery

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  2. Pull the tab to release the battery
    • Pull the tab to release the battery

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    • Pull the battery out

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    • Find the panel underneath the microsoft product key sticker, the panel is labeled with an M

    • Unscrew the single screw above the M

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    • Pull off the panel to reveal the RAM

    • RAM is held in by two tabs, pull each tab to the side and the RAM will pop up

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    • Once the RAM is popped up, slowly pull it out of the slot

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    • To add or replace RAM, place the memory into the slot at an angle

    • Make sure you line it up correctly

    • If it is in correctly it should stay up at an angle by itself

    • Then push down in the middle until it clicks into place

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    • The RAM should be secured by the tabs where the two semi circles are on the RAM

    • If it is not secure, just gently pull it out and try again, use the images to help you out

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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