Guide to installing new RAM modules for the Dell Latitude D620.


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Power down the laptop and remove the battery.
  • Power down the laptop and remove the battery.

  • Open the laptop cover all of the way.

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Locate the notch under the cover at the top of the keyboard
  • Locate the notch under the cover at the top of the keyboard

  • Using the spudger as a lever, lift the plastic covering

  • Carefully remove the rest of the covering from right to left

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  • Unscrew the top portion of the keyboard using a #00 screwdriver

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  • Hold keyboard from the top and gently pull towards the LCD screen to remove the keyboard from the case

  • Don't pull on the keyboard too forcefully because it is attached to the motherboard with a short, thin ribbon cable

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  • Once keyboard is out of the case, lay it face-down on the track pad

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  • Using a small spudger, pull back on the black bar to release the blue lever

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  • Pull up on the metal bar connected to the socket to detach the ribbon cable

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  • With the keyboard removed, you should be able to see ram slot A.

  • Place new ram into the slot making sure it is aligned

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  • Replace the keyboard by following the previous steps in reverse

  • Close the laptop, and flip it over onto its backside

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  • Loosen the screw that holds the RAM cover in place.

  • The screw cannot be fully removed since it is attached to the RAM cover.

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  • Insert new ram into slot B

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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If you are increasing the amount of RAM installed -> On first power on after installing the RAM, system on boot up will complain about memory size changed, and to reseat the memory. Wait for about 60 - 90 seconds, and you will receive a few additional messages about F1 to continue or F2 for Setup. Go into Setup and verify that the system sees all memory installed. If installing 2 x 2GB DDR2, max possible, 4GB. BIOS setup should report 4GB installed, of which 3.37GB usable.

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