Disabling DualShock 4's Blue LED

  1. Remove the 4 Philips screws on the back of the controller.
    • Remove the 4 Philips screws on the back of the controller.

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  2. A good place to start opening the bottom half of the controller from it's legs
    • A good place to start opening the bottom half of the controller from it's legs

    • The left L2 and Right R2 triggers are shaky and sensitive. Remove bottom half of controller while monitoring the triggers and springs within.

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    • Within the center of the controller is a LED/USB Connecter Assembly attached to a ribbon cable.

    • Pull the ribbon cable out.

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    • Place a thin piece of paper in front of the last 2 pins (counting from left to right).

      • The paper will prevent the motherboard from completing the circuit that enables the blue LED.

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    • Make sure you don't twist the ribbon cable when inserting it - it's easy to lose sight of this when fiddling with the pins.

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    • Insert back ribbon cable with piece of thin paper already inserted.

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    • Connect bottom half of DualShock 4 controller together. Rescrew 4 Phillips screws on back of controller.

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All you have to do now - is embrace the darkness; don't forget to screw the thing back together though :)

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Darie H

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You are using the word "loose" incorrectly.

Loose is an adjective, the opposite of tight or contained.

Lose is a verb that means to suffer the loss of, to miss.

Matt Ferguson - Yanıt

*crrrrcth*...."we've got a 10-O-3 in progress, disturbing the English language, requesting grammar assistance"....*crrrrctch*

*crrrrctch*...."roger dispatch, Ferguson en route"....*crrrrtch*

Fuzy Munky -

Thanks - now I realised it too :))

Darie H - Yanıt

This $@$* &&^& my &&^&^$^ controller up and now I'm mad fickle this $@$*

Mario Avila - Yanıt

@ Fuzy Munky: It's a guide to fixing something. If the author can't grasp the basics of the English language than they have no business writing a guide.

alex4371 - Yanıt

I really don't get which side you're on .. Given how pristine your spelling is I'd say mine though .. Welcome aboard !

Darie H -

A few notes on this, with regards to the PS4 Slim’s revision of the controller:

1 - Opening the case with plastic spudgers WILL damage the case, and will make the seam stand out where the patterned and smooth pieces meet.

2 - The LED is an RGB unit. Pinout with the LED up and its pins facing you, from left to right: Ground, Green, Blue, Red.

3 - On this model, the ribbon cable is reduced to 10 wires. PCB Socket pinout where pin 10 is closest to the LED: (10) Ground, (09) Blue, (08) Red, (07) Green.

I was hoping to only disable the normally-on blue LED. It would prevent me from knowing the controller is on, but not from knowing if it is charging. As the cable layout makes this a non-trivial alteration, I settled for putting a piece of scotch tape over all four LED wires of the ribbon cable, folding the rest of the tape over the back side to keep it secure, and trimming the excess. This model has an extra/smaller light bar on top, it may be more convenient to just back the main translucent panel with electrical tape.

rbol - Yanıt

After more experience, a few revisions:

1 - Use a triangular “guitar-pick” spudger, starting near the outer edge of L1 and R1.

2 - My above pin reference is incorrect! Pin 1 of the micro-USB port (+5V) is connected to the last trace in the ribbon cable. The above mod disabled the LED as planned, but it also prevented the controller from charging.

Have now affixed black electrical tape behind the front diffuser panel. While this negates any battery savings, it does allow the touch-pad to show the status, and is a lot faster than trying to cover up three tiny wires which are in the middle of the cable….

rbol -

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