If your coffee is coming out slowly or has very little créma it might be time to clean your brewgroup.


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  1. Remove the the brewgroup from the machine by simultaneously pressing the "Push" bar and pulling towards you.
    • Remove the the brewgroup from the machine by simultaneously pressing the "Push" bar and pulling towards you.

    • Using your phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the grey bracket and white hose in place.

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  2. Remove the retaining bracket.
    • Remove the retaining bracket.

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    • Remove the two screws holding the valve in place and remove it.

    • It is normally not necessary to open and clean the valve. If you do open it be careful as there are many small parts inside and if reassembled incorrectly coffee will not flow.

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    • The upper piston is held in place by four clips, two on each side. To remove it, place a screwdriver lengthwise across both clips on one side, and depress them while pushing down on the top of piston. That should loosen one side, then do the same for the other and the piston assembly should come loose.

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    • Once the piston assembly is out, unscrew and remove the brew screen.

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    • Remove the piston gasket and clean any coffee from the channel it sits in.

    • The top strainer gets a bath in some degreasant. A tooth-brush can penetrate every pore of the strainer. Sometimes can help a tooth-pick. In some cases, a needle will help you too. Rinse with water.

    • Take a look at the strainer, hold it towards the window or some strong light. you should be able to look through every hole. Well done.

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    • Before reassembling, its a good advice for cleaning the rest of the brewgroup with water, brush and some mild degreasant. Then the result will be best.

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    • PLace your nice and clean seal on your nice and clean piston.

    • Then screw in the strainer

    • Smile at your nice work.

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    • The top piston only fits right in one position, so look at the pictures ! In the white circle, you see the connecting for the valve. That part has to face towards the top.

    • On the second picture you see the notches, Both have to glide in the Piston holder.

    • On the third picture you see the clips. All 4 of them have to snap in correctly. No problem.

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    • PLace the valve with the white hose towrds the front of the brewgroup and screw it tight.

    • Then mount the hose holder like shown on the second picture.

    • The last two screws - done.

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    • Be sure to check the correct position of the two small arrows on the turning part of the brewgroup. The arrows must exactly face to each other.

      • The gearbox will get destroyed if the brewgroup is pushed with force into the holder in the machine. Never use force, it must glide freely and easy into the holder inside the machine!

    • The first coffee should get poured in the drain because the first coffee will contain traces of the degreasant.

    • The next cup of coffee will be an aesthetic pleasure of aromes, flavor and well formed Crèma. Enjoy.

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A simple cleaning can revitalize your espresso machine.

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