This guide demonstrates how to disassemble the G700 mouse in order to reach the top mouse buttons for cleaning.

The mouse will be broken down into three main components: The circuit board, top housing, and middle housing.

  1. Unplug the USB cord from the top of the mouse.
    • Unplug the USB cord from the top of the mouse.

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  2. Power off the mouse. The power switch is located on the bottom of the mouse above the battery.
    • Power off the mouse. The power switch is located on the bottom of the mouse above the battery.

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    • Remove the battery as illustrated in the images.

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    • Peel off the four sticker pads located on the bottom of the mouse. They will be on the top, bottom and sides.

    • Stick these pads onto a clean, flat surface for safe keeping as you continue to disassemble the mouse.

    At this point it's very likely that you destroy the glides so it's probably a good idea to order some new before attempting the teardown.

    TechTill - Yanıt

    • Locate and remove the five screws that were hidden under the sticker pads.

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    • Carefully pry off the top of the mouse. This will remove the housing from the circuit board.

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    • Gently detach the four wires from the holder of the housing.

    • View: Underneath housing

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    • Remove the seven screws that hold the top housing, middle housing, and side keys together.

    • If disassembling for cleaning purposes, you need only to remove the four screws near the bottom in order to remove the top cover alone.

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    • Press the side keys toward the bottom of the housing.

    • This will detach the keys and wires from the housing.

    u need to push the inside upward out of the slot before pushing the side keys in. ive break part of the slot by following this….

    vampirex_88killer - Yanıt

    • Gently pry the lock holding both mouse buttons.

    • View: Underneath housing (still one piece)

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    • Gently pry away the upper part of the housing.

    • View: Housing divided into two pieces: top and middle

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    • Unscrew the two screws holding the part that locks the function buttons.

    • View: Underneath middle housing

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    • Slowly remove the plastic part you just unscrewed.

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    • Carefully pull each button towards you.

    • Do not misplace the small springs attached to the buttons.

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    • Congratulations! You are now able to clean the mouse.

    • Be careful when reinstalling the screws. Due to their small size, they strip the sockets easily if overtightened.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Exactly what I was looking for. Guide worked perfectly. Thanks!

oscarsdg1 - Yanıt

I need the clear image of components on the main board. Could you please help me? Do you have any image of components on the main board?


Hupaa - Yanıt

Thanks!! I got my mouse working again.

sm3333 - Yanıt

Thanks! i got my mouse working again thanks to this article.

sm3333 - Yanıt

I did open my mouse to clean but I open the wheel too. Inside are to support torqued springs that I do not know how to put them back. in this case my mouse wheel is not working properly. Can you please help me with some pictures or an advice?

Hellyworld - Yanıt

The small springs are located in the front of the mouse, left and right from the switch which is used for the middle mouse button. i would take an photo if I could. I had the same problem before but found the solution.

egal -

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