This guide will show how to disassemble to Sony Tablet P. in ten easy steps. This guide was written by: Joel De La Garza, Bryant Reynolds, Juan Domingo Salazar, and Aaron Clamon.

    • Slip a fingernail in the crease between the silver casing and the black section of the device.

    • Run your finger through the crease and apply a gentle pressure to each place of connection.

    • This will have to be done to both sides of the tablet.

    • The battery is located on the lower right side.

    • Place your finger in the divot next to the battery on the right. Keep a slight pressure against the battery and move your finger upward.

    • Once it is loose you may pull it away.

    • The microSD memory card is located to the left of the battery.

    • The end of the MicroSD Memory Card should be slightly sticking out. Grab the card and gently pull it out.

    • Remove all screws in outer casing on on the side without the camera.

    • Peel back the casing.

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    • Remove the screw from the top right of the device.

    • Remove both screws from the left of the hard drive encasement.

    • It is now possible to remove the hard drive encasement.

    • Remove the screw located at the edge of the green board.

    • Pull gently. There may be some resistance due to a placing tape.

    • The bottom of the device has been disassembled. To reassemble follow our directions in reverse. To disassemble the top of the tablet (the part with the camera attached) continue our guide.

    • Remove screws from the side containing the camera.

    • Gently remove the casing.

    • Remove the screws connecting the board to the base.

    • (The next sequence of steps requires the other half of the device)

    • Gently remove the border surrounding the perimeter. Note that it is being held in place due mainly with adhesives.

    • Once the border is removed, another circuit board is revealed. There is a great amount of consistency with the other boards as it is being held in place by screws.

    • At the top of the device a coper wire runs through the perimeter of the device and is snapped into place connecting the two halves.Gently remove this wire.

    • At the bottom of the device, a blue cord runs through the perimeter and can carefully be plucked out.

    • A couple of screws holding the circuit board into place are hiding in the top left corner of the device. (Pic 6) Removing them will loosen the metal bolt that helps the device close (Pic 7) and can be separated from the base.

    • After the screws are taken out, you can lift up the circuit board.

    • To reassemble your device follow these instructions backwards.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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