I'm going to show how you how I installed the EMG ALX Humbucker with the ABQ Boost into an ESP Alexi Laiho signature guitar.

  1. The new EMG F-ALX, and the guitar upon which I will be installing.
    • The new EMG F-ALX, and the guitar upon which I will be installing.

      • The "F" stands for Floyd Rose.

      • At the moment, there is an ESP EMG passive humbucker within (a standard in every ESP LTD guitar).

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  2. Here you can see the content. In fact, one cable is missing, but I'll tell that later.
    • Here you can see the content. In fact, one cable is missing, but I'll tell that later.

    • This instruction is just to illustrate the work. For exact information which cable one has to use and when, it's better if you have a look in the instruction from EMG, too.

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    • At first, remove the strings on the guitar.

    • Then you have to get rid of all the electronic that is installed in the guitar. You can just cut the cables that are on the poti.

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    • After you cut them, just pull them out. You have to remove the outputjack-screws, the pickup and the poti. Then you've got a "naked" guitar.

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    • Now just take the poti out, take the wires and... Oh, where is the green cable the instruction from EMG told us from? In fact, it is missing...

    • But that doesn't matter, just take any cable you can find, and act like it was the green cable, because this is the only cable that doesn't have a special connector like the others.

    • Well, it's not only the green cable that is missing, but the second cable one has to pull through the outputjack hole is too short... And again, that doesn't matter, just cut that cable in the center, take the old outputcable that was in the guitar anyway and solder it, and there it is, the long-enough cable for the outputjack.

    • I just isolated the solderconnections with adhesive tape.

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    • Just pull the cables through the body of the guitar.

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    • Now connect the cables from the outputjack with the outputjack. The "green" cable we had to search has to be soldered because it hasn't a metal connector. You can see it in picture 2.

    • Now just screw the outputjackplate firmly in the body. Looks fine, doesn't it?

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    • Now you have to connect the humbucker cable with the quickconnector of the pickup.

    • I just applied the humbucker frame and the two springs with the proper screws, too.

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    • Now insert the humbuckercable into the hole to the electronic box.

    • In fact, it's a bit tricky because the hole is nearly too small for the three cables. Start with the humbuckercable and insert the outputcable instantaneous after it. Insert the "green" cable from the output last.

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    • Now connect everything like it is said in the instruction.

    • Again you have to solder the "green" cable, but it's an easy solderconnection. Again I isolated it with adhesive tape.

    • You can place the battery in the electronic box, just fix it with foam plastic or something like that.

    • Now just place the poti and bolt it down.

    • Finnished.

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