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Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement

What you need

  1. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Slim Case: adım 1, 3 resimden 1. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Slim Case: adım 1, 3 resimden 2. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Slim Case: adım 1, 3 resimden 3.
    • Pick a corner of your slim case and get between the two parts with your thumb's fingernails.

    • Pull up the back part of the slim case to separate the small snap fit connections.

    • Remove the back part of the slim case.

  2. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement: adım 2, 3 resimden 1. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement: adım 2, 3 resimden 2. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement: adım 2, 3 resimden 3.
    • Get in between the front part of the slim case and the phone's body with your thumb nail.

    • Separate the snap fit connectors on the front part by pulling it to the side and pushing against the display.

  3. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement: adım 3, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove the front part of the slim case.

  4. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 3 resimden 1. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 3 resimden 2. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Battery: adım 4, 3 resimden 3.
    • Push the battery toward the top of the phone.

    • Pull the battery out away from the phone.

    It isn't necessary to remove the rim if all you are doing is changing the battery. That becomes necessary if you are to proceed farther into the phone.

    It might be good to begin by saying switch the phone off. The Fairphone is for everybody and most will have no experience of disassembling electronic devices.

    Jim Kinnibrugh - Yanıt

  5. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Display Assembly: adım 5, 3 resimden 1. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Display Assembly: adım 5, 3 resimden 2. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Display Assembly: adım 5, 3 resimden 3.
    • After taking out the battery you can unlock the display assembly.

    • Flip the two blue switches to the inner position.

    • Slide the display assembly towards the bottom of the phone.

    Being technically nervous I couldn't do this. I didn't know how much pressure, pull or push was required.

    Roger Halford - Yanıt

    After I'd watched the video my confidence increased!

    Roger Halford - Yanıt

    It was a bit stiff and not so easy.

    M ichael Cross - Yanıt

    I have not this easy access to the two blue switches. How Can I do that?

    Anne - Yanıt

    Super, nachdem ich’s im Video gesehen habe, war es supereasy, vielen Dank!

    Imke - Yanıt

    You don´t mention taking the rim off the display first. That stymied me completely. Do add that to your otherwise clear and helpful instructions. Best wishes - Walt Patterson

    Walt Patterson - Yanıt

    This guide is based on the old bumper made in one piece. We should update to the sandwich bumper with a top and bottom part.

    Tobias Isakeit -

    I agree. Took a while to figure that one out!

    Jenny White -

    Sorry, I can not slide away the display assembly to change the main camera module. The 2 blue switches seem to be locked. Cristiano, Italy

    Cristiano Gillardi - Yanıt

    I replay to myself: I did it at last! ! But it was very, very, very, very hard!

    Cristiano Gillardi -

    Can’t get any movement at all on screen been trying for over an hour and others too ! there is no way to grip it as its so slippery have tried putting as much presure as possible on display by pushing far end of it with thin plastic implement and endless wiggling and pressing of every possible part of lower case no joy ! feels like its attached at mid sides. Elinor Rivers

    Elinor Rivers - Yanıt

    try sliding along the display while applying some pressure two or three times. it worked really easily for me

    Elisa Werner - Yanıt

    I could slide the display case off very easily after watching the video, but when it came to doing the sequence in reverse I was fiddling about for ages trying to ‘slide’ it back on, until I realised this just wasn’t going to work and needed to click it back into place. Posting here in case this is helpful for others.

    Rachel Neat - Yanıt

    • Another possible way of sliding the display assembly open.

    Impossible de déplacer l'écran vers le bas chez moi. Je n'ose pas forcer... c'est normal?

    benbahmedf - Yanıt

    I can not slide the display assembly. Some help?

    Laura Ivorra - Yanıt

    The display sits very tight.

    So you need to gently apply a little force to slide it open the first time.

    It is hard to get a good grip on the two parts for a successful "magic move".

    Tobias Isakeit - Yanıt

    Leider kann ich weder mit "little force" noch mit "much force" das Display nach der Entriegelung bewegen. Wer kann mit mehr Details helfen?

    Christine Heckmann - Yanıt

    It did work for me. Make sure, you have unlocked the blue switches in step 3 (sorry, had to mention that). if you can't get a grip, you might try to lay a ruler or two credit cards on top of each other on a table that is tight at the wall,

    - place the ruler/credit cards on the table and just attaching the wall

    - place the PF2 with the display upside down on the table in front of the ruler/credit cards with the blue switches towards you and the headphone plug attaching the ruler/cards.

    - then gently but with increasing force push your two thumbs towards the top of the main FP2 unit (or use more fingers to push both in the centre as well as on the two edges). make sure you push horizontally and that the ruler is not higher than the border of the display unit (1.5-2 mm).

    (hope i could explain myself in and understandable way! ;-) )

    metaworx - Yanıt

    Thank you a lot ! This worked for me.

    Nicolas Dudermel -

    Thanks, it worked for us as well.

    deRahier -

    great tip! Thanks so much

    Matthew Kelly -

    Really helped! This way finally worked for me. Thanks :)

    Imogen Michel -

    thank you !!

    Claire Hahn -

    Perfect Metaworx, it worked for me as well :)

    siohdk - Yanıt

    Your nails are slightly long? You are lucky. Hold the phone with the screen on your right palm with the blue bits facing your body. Make sure your fingernails are holding the top of the screen. Push the back of the phone with your left hand. It worked for me.

    Askateth - Yanıt

    Mit einer alten Haltekarte für SIM Cards als Hebel habe ich das Display vorsichtig abgeschoben

    Joachim - Yanıt

    Unglaublich fair, dass ich mich mit diesem Kack alleine beschäftige - wenn ich so weitermache, werde ich demnächst die Trümmer meines Fairphones wahrscheinlich durch Ungeschicklichkeit so beschädigen, dass es unbrauchbar ist!

    Ralf Kiefer - Yanıt

  6. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement: adım 7, 1 resimden 1.
    • Take off the display assembly.

  7. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement, Microphone Module: adım 8, 1 resimden 1.
    • Remove the four Phillips #0 screws that are factory-marked with blue circles.

    I found that the No 00 in my top of the range Draper screwdriver set, bought for a Euro in a French supermarket, worked better than the No 0

    M ichael Cross - Yanıt

  8. Fairphone 2 Microphone Module Replacement: adım 9, 1 resimden 1.
    • Take out the whole microphone module.

    The title of this page is Microphone Module Replacement but unless I'm being dim, there is no mention of Step 8, put the new module in. I have been advised to carry out this process by The Phone Co-op because nobody could hear my voice when they phoned me. I've carried out the above 7 steps and simply replaced the existing module.

    Now I can't get the phone to even start.

    One dissatisfied customer, I'm afraid. The battery was 48% when I started the replacement

    Roger Halford - Yanıt

    These screws are tiny. Would it be possible to add additional screws to the new module?

    M ichael Cross - Yanıt

    I found the #00 Philips worked better.

    M ichael Cross - Yanıt

    The instructions were fine and illustrations helped on what to expect, the easiest phone i have ever had to repair. The dismantling and reassembling was very straight forward and almost no need for instructions.

    Simon - Yanıt


    J’ai trouvé le service assistantce technique très aimable (Rachel). Après avoir commandé mon petit tournvis, j’ai suivi les instructions (un peu de mal à faire glisser l’écran, mais j’ai fini par trouver le “truc”. Simplissime de démonter le micro, j’ai soufflé dessus consciencieusement et j’ai tout remonté.

    Et… Ca fonctionne !!!!!

    Du coup, je trouve vraiment top d’avoir choisi votre matériel, équitable et pratique.

    Agnès Boucher - Yanıt


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

Information on what to do with the old module can be found on the FairPhone support page and in the FairPhone forum.

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j'ai aussi galéré de peur de casser quelque chose, mais j'ai trouvé une solution sur le forum anglais de Fairphone:

j'espère que ça t'aidera (faut oser un petit peu, voir comment ça glisse et faire un peu jouer tout ça... ça m'a pris 3/4 d'heure avant d'y arriver... sans rien endommager :) )

pacpacbouroucouta - Yanıt

Just a little comment. I have seen many times the so called primary microphone error of the fairphone2 on the internet. I had the problem but it had nothing to do with the microphone but with the electric connection/module to the display module. If you have this problem you can check whether the mic works fine if you press tightly together the phone around the microphone module (just call another phone and try it). If this helps, there is a good chance that the true reason are worn out plastic parts around. I fixed it by putting a millimeter of tape underneath the microphone module and before screwing it on again. Now the module gets pressed a little bit against the display module and works just fine again (for the moment). Probably the little worn out outer shell was a part of the problem, I did not have a new one, but could imagine that buying a new outer shell for the fairphone2 might rather solve the problem than changing the microphone module. Just try it yourself before ordering a new microphone.

mietzekiss - Yanıt

Thanks! That did the trick.

Célestin Taramarcaz -

Thanks! Worked for me too after trying out different thicknesses (by adding and removing layers of tape). As well as adding tape on the inside of the microphone module (on long side of inverse 'L' shape) I added a little on the inside of the case itself (case is also breaking).

On a side note, love the ability to open up and adjust my phone!

Eve Williams -

The "millimeter tape fix" has been working fine for about a week, but now I'm back to square one: still no sound at the other end. I ordered a new hard cover but still to no avail... And Fairphone is still out of microphone modules. I'm out of options, I guess I'll just send my FP2 for repair, hoping it won't take too long.

Célestin Taramarcaz -

Thanks for the advise!!! I also had problems that I could hear people calling me, but people couldnt hear me or they heard strange background noices. Seemed that it had to do with loose fitting of the two plastic cover parts close to the microphone module (probably because of friction when plugging in or out charger cord many times, that is close to microphone). I took out microphone part, blow few times, put some tape on the cover, placed microphone back and problem seem solved, micro working perfect without strange noices!!!! Thanks a lot!

Hugo -

Thank you. This worked for me :-)

Tania MacKenzie -

I had the same issue. I bent the contact and cleaned both sides with an electrical contact cleaner. It worked fine !

J’ai eu le même problème, J’ai tordu les pattes et nettoyé les 2 cotés dues contacts avec un spray pour contacts électriques.

Jean-Christophe Zuchuat -

I’m so happy with your ‘little’ comment which made all the difference! Was ready to buy a new microphone module; and saw by accident your comment and it totally solved the problem! So, that saved me 25 euros-with-no-solution! Now hoping it will be a long term solution also!

Cécile -

Same problem, not tried solving it yet - I'm just commenting on mietzekiss' suggestion that a new outer shell might solve the problem. It's possible that caused my problem! My FP2's microphone was fine till till I changed from the original shell/back to the new, rigid two-piece shell/back. I haven't got near solving it yet because although the two parts of the shell/back were easy to separate when they came out of the box, I now can't get it off the phone … About to try harder …

Alison Tomlin - Yanıt

Solved, though I don't know what the root problem was. Like others, when making a call the other person could hear me, but I couldn't hear her/him unless I had the phone on loudspeaker, so it was a microphone problem. There was (above) a possibility that the new FP2 'slim case' ( 'shell/back') caused the problem. I succeeded in getting it off: fingernails weren't strong enough, so I manoeuvred the blunt end of a metal nail-file between the screen and case, while pleading with all the gods I don't believe in that I wouldn't scratch the glass, and lifted it enough to get fingernails in and get it off. I did nothing to the FP2 aside from blowing round the microphone in case it had (how?) got dirty. Put the cover back on, and behold, it's working. I'm quite sure it was fitted correctly before - tight all round - so no idea what I've done to make it work. Good luck all!

Alison Tomlin - Yanıt

Ich habe keine 10 Minuten benötigt. Die längste Zeit habe ich meinen Schraubendreher gesucht. Eine Pinzette als Hilfsmittel für die 4 Schrauben ist auch noch hilfreich.

Viele Grüsse


Joachim - Yanıt

Super easy fix. I only had a hard time removing the display. But that also worked out. Thank you! Also for the quick delivery!

dorotheebrinkmann - Yanıt

Ok, had the same problem. Mic only worked when pressing together backside and display ... quite bad quality.

Erik Hansen - Yanıt

Super tuto. Je l'ai fait en 10 mn. Merci :-)

Laure Barrière - Yanıt

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I am so pleased I managed my first phone repair ever. Thanks for the clear guidelines.

Karin - Yanıt

The display removal is a bit tricky, but otherwise it's very smooth and easy!

Jaco Emanuele Bonaguro - Yanıt

Thanks for our Fairphones!

Jaco Emanuele Bonaguro - Yanıt

After falling down from the top the mast (15 metres high !) on the hard deck of a yacht, my Fairphone2 is still working !! What other phone would have survived to such a crash ? But since there, the microphone is sometimes not operating at all... Does anyone can help me to diagnose the disease ? Thanks


Michel Treguier - Yanıt

pioce of cake! THX 2 ifixit and fairphone

karl_heinz_valby - Yanıt

Thank you, excellent article, I found removing the screen module a bit tricky but got there eventually.

Joseph Holden - Yanıt

I hsve tested mine in setting and it appears to work fine. I will ring someone up and find out if they can hear me.


M ichael Cross - Yanıt

tuto super !

L’étape délicate a été d’enlever l’écran... Après plusieurs essais, j’ai osé presser un peu l’écran en glissant vers le bas et cela a fonctionné ! Cela permet de sortir les ergots de leurs cales et tout s’enlève sans difficulté

Marie-Noëlle TINARRAGE - Yanıt

Thank you very much for the explanation! The instructions are super clear :)

Sofia Pavanini - Yanıt

Thanks Tobias. These instructions are very clear, but I am having to do this for the second time and I find that the main microphone works after a fashion if I squeeze the phone near the assembly. As soon as I release the pressure it stops working.

I found the #00 Philips from my Draper 6 piece jewellers set worked better than the suggested #0. Small tweezers also proved useful.

Be sure to work on a tray or plate with an edge to stop the screws escaping.

M ichael Cross - Yanıt

I too had problems with the primary mic. Went on for sometime before I realised as callers were getting some pick up from the ambient mic and I put problem down to poor reception. Fairphone supplied a replacement part as phone just in guarentee period but now, Sept 18, the new mic is going. I had just swopped case but problem did not emerge for a few days. TBH I am really fed up, there is clearly a design fault here? I will be contacting Fairphone to suggest they address this and issue a fix. What is the point of a longer lasting phone if it is not longer lasting?

jane hawkins - Yanıt

Been there, done that! Bust primary microphone replaced in 6 minutes, all fine! AND only 5 days since I placed the order for a replacement module. I love it! True, the front was a bit tight - and I used a straight mini screwdriver as I couldn’t get a mini philips to turn the screws. But hey! If that was an iPhone (excuse language) I’d be waiting weeks - and replacing the whole thing. YAY

Rod Drew - Yanıt

Hi everyone; this just in, just to add on the DIY approaches to this issue: consider cleaning the contacts on the back of the *display module*.

The grey pad on the back of the display where the microphone module makes contact (there are three such areas) should be shiny. Mine were dull, and somehow oxidized. I scratched them shiny again using the tip of a screwdriver, and now when I test (using Skype test call, for example), the recording no longer sounds muffled!

I was starting to think (based on the poor quality before, which was sometimes muffled, sometimes completely gone with a weird ground-loop noise) that this must have to do with the microphone module itself, whose rubber has decayed. I tried opening the module itself: don’t bother and don’t risk it.

If milimeter tape isn’t helping, or you don’t want to just push a charging cable in hard whenever you talk, try inspecting the contacts!

I also tried bending up the pins on the microphone module so they would push harder. Not sure if that also helped.

Barry Rawn - Yanıt

This is driving me pretty bonkers. Sounds like the same problem that Barry Rawn - above - describes. Just going to have to be more ruthless re cleaning those contact strips on the back of the display, and bending the three sprung contacts forward out of the microphone module. Squeezing the bottom centre part of the case reconnects the microphone…………layers of insulation tape inside the case are not winning the battle………Any other wisdom appreciated. Really not too fussed about the rest of the phone right now - but a working microphone kinda helps. Something for Fairphone to address.

Robin - Yanıt

Tolle Anleitung! Hat auf Anhieb funktioniert! Vielen herzlichen Dank!

sonja_birnschein - Yanıt

Danke für die gute Anleitung, war sehr anschaulich und nachvollziehbar!!!

Antje Hettler - Yanıt

Merci pour les explications simples et concises. Un jeu d’enfant !

Stephanie Gonzalez - Yanıt

I had the same problem. I solved it as explained by mietzekiss by adding two layers of tape to push the L shaped microphone module against the screen module.

Jordi Faraudo - Yanıt

Now that Fairphone stopped selling new bottom modules, I’d be ever so grateful if someone could show how to repair/put in a new microphone

Sabine Schütz - Yanıt

Explications simples et précises, même un boomer aux gros doigts comme moi s’en est sorti. Merci

Olivier Mialet - Yanıt

Mir ist aufgefallen, dass in der Einleitung statt Mikrofon Kamera steht (“Diese Anleitung zeigt, wie man das Rückkamera-Modul des Fairphone 2 austauscht. “)

Danke für dein Engagement!

motorfahrrad - Yanıt

Super Anleitung auch für Techniklaien wie mich! Danke!

Sabine Röthke-Pavlina - Yanıt

Bonjour, j'ai un fairphone 2 que je n'arrive plus à charger (je viens de changer la batterie). Etant donné que j'ai également un problème de microphone (je dois mettre en haut-parleur lors des appels afin que l'interlocuteur·trice m'entende), je pense que c'est le module inférieur qui est défectueux. Or, il n'est plus en stock, plus en vente, sur site officiel de Fairphone. Avez-vous une idée où je pourrais m'en procurer ?
Je vous remercie,

Maïlys Porracchia - Yanıt

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