Lay everything out
  • Lay everything out

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Remove the drum key and Allen wrenches from the right side of the primary pedal.
  • Remove the drum key and Allen wrenches from the right side of the primary pedal.

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  • Slide the ends of the long black connector onto the sides of the pedals.

    • Both sides of the connection are shaped like a half-circle, so they can only connect in the proper orientation.

    • Ensure all the screws on the connector are pointing up. To do so, you will need to "wind" the secondary pedal up manually before attaching the connector.

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  • Insert the beaters into the primary pedal.

    • You can choose to use either side of the beaters - just be consistent!

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  • Arrange the pedals in the drumkit. The primary pedal should be centered on the kick drum, while the secondary pedal should be wherever comfortable.

  • If necessary use the drum key to adjust the height of the beaters to be vertically centered on the kick drum.

  • Now tighten everything down!

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  • Tighten and loosen the nuts on the bottom of the springs until both pedals have an even, comfortable tension.

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  • Replace the tools in the pedal for safe-keeping.

  • Bag the extra parts in case you want to convert your double-bass pedal into two singles.

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  • Pound out some sick beats!

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Nice to see some double bass enthusiasts on here! I am in the process of building an electronic midi drumset from piezos, some old stationary cardio equipment and an alesis dm5. The tooling, oh the tooling. Taps and dies, welding, now i need a lathe to make a double bass pedal from scratch... is a great resource for technical info and also creepy government technology. Ill post when i can. Peace

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