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In this guide, you will learn how to completely take apart a Galaxy J3 Prime and put it back together again.

A video is also available for additional help.

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    • Remove the back cover and battery.

    • Heat up the screen to loosen the adhesive.

    • You can use a iOpener or a hair drier, but make sure you don't get the phone too hot.

    • Put a spudger between the phone frame and the front display.

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    • Remove the plastic bracket that will be visible when you pry up the screen.

    • Gently pull up on the LCD screen adhesive to remove the screen.

    • Remove the screws on the back of the phone frame that are holding the housing of the phone together.

    • Now that all of the screws have been removed, pull up the frame with a screwdriver or spudger.

    • Be gentle so you don't break anything.

    • Disconnect the metal flex cable from the charging port.

    • Remove the Motherboard from the housing.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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great guide, this really helped

anonymous 591 - Yanıt

thanks for your help, this has really helped - Yanıt

Best guide for a J3 out there professional and easy to follow

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