1. Here's the Garmin 1370 we'll be working on today.
    • Here's the Garmin 1370 we'll be working on today.

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  2. Required tools:
    • Required tools:

    • Replacement battery

    • T5 driver

    • Spudger or other plastic pry tool [You can use a flat bladed screwdriver if you're careful and don't mind some signs on the plastic finish]

    • Note: I did this documentation after having done the replacement, so you may notice that the battery pictured here is the original Garmin battery. Similarly, later in this documentation when we get the thing open, you'll see the third-party replacement already in place.

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    • Using your spudger, remove the plastic frame around the screen.

    • Take it easy and it will snap right off.

    • If you don't take it easy, it may snap right in half, and we don't want that.

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    • Using your T5 driver, remove the four screws in the corners of the newly-revealed screen bezel.

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    • Using your spudger, pry the screen bezel out. Start in one of the corners and work your way around.

    • This is where I found a small flat-blade screwdriver to be a help.

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    • With the bezel removed, flip the screen out. Be careful with that ribbon cable.

    • There is no need to disconnect the screen.

    • Using your T5 driver, remove the two screws that hold the circuit board in place.

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    • Flip the circuit board over and remove it from the case. It may need some persuasion in the upper left corner [as positioned here].

    • Once flipped over, disconnect the old battery.

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    • The existing battery is glued in place. It will take a bit of prying to remove it. Be careful you don't puncture the battery.

    • I slowly worked a flat-blade screwdriver under the battery, prying it up a bit at a time.

    • Replace the old battery with the new one. I didn't bother to glue the new one in place, as it is nestled securely in a plastic cavity within the case. Plug it in to the circuit board, and reverse the disassembly steps.

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    • When you replace the decorative bezel, note that there is a small hole in the bezel that corresponds to a hole in the inner bezel.

    What is this hole for?

    Dave Schoeller - Yanıt

    I suspect it’s the microphone. The device is with my mother-in-law across the country [assuming she still has it], so I can’t verify that for sure.

    Chaz Larson - Yanıt


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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